Did Casanova Have a Mom?

Way back when The Boy was in kindergarten (6 months ago), they used to have a little something called “Show & Share”. 


And once they’d both showed and shared their little treasure, each student picked a classmate to ask a question about said item.  Every week, my son picked “Madison” to ask him a question.


“Why do you always pick Madison?” I asked, all innocent-like.


The Boy gives me his best “duh?” look.


“Because she’s beautiful.”


I saw them hold hands once, when they thought no one was looking.  Madison’s mom told me The Boy has been picking flowers (albeit, dandelions) at recess, to give to Madison.  The Boy was displeased when they weren’t in the same classroom this year.  Madison cried over their separation.


This morning, Madison’s dad brought her to school.


We were waiting for the first bell, hanging out by the playground.  I can hear Madison, excitedly stage-whispering to her dad, “That’s HIM!  That’s The Boy!”


She brings her dad over, introduces them. 


My son gives him a shy “Hey”, and runs off to play, cheeks blazing crimson.


Madison’s dad stares after him, sizing up The Boy.


I wonder what’s going through his head. 


And I want to go over and tell him that my boy is too little to be any trouble, he’s pretty much a large baby, and he still cries when he falls down, and he still needs to run his fingers through my hair over and over at night while we’re reading a story (it’s a security kind of thing), and he still reaches for my hand when we cross the street, and he still asks me to help with the “paper-work” if there’s been a particularly messy shituation, and he can’t get the tongue of his shoes to sit right, good god, he can’t even tie a pair of shoes, he still needs velcro, and he was still planning on marrying me, up until a couple of months ago, and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that he’s in The System, and he was just a newborn last week, I swear to god, there hasn’t been enough time for him to grow up enough to be anyone’s crush.


But I don’t do that.


I stand there, and I catch his eye, and we give each other a shrug, that says, “Kids?!?  What are you gonna do?” 


And we give each other a resigned grin/grimace that says we’re pretty much in the same boat.


And neither one of us is even close to having our sea-legs yet.


62 responses to “Did Casanova Have a Mom?

  1. *smile*
    It seems like just yesterday that my 13 year old was at that age. I’m very lucky because she still wants hugs & kisses all the time and still grabs for my hand when we cross the street, although that’s probably because she knows I need the supervision. 🙂

  2. go have a listen to “The Circle Game” by Joni Mitchell and have yerself a good cry… i used to sing that song when i was in high school, and i thought the tune pretty and i was all cosmic hippie and shit…

    tried playing it the last time i did an open mic set and ended up choking up and damn near losing my shit on stage…

    ‘cartwheels turn to carwheels through the town…’

  3. scary as hell, isn’t it?!!

    • ‘Tis.

      (PS: Nikki, I’m having all kinds of hellish problems leaving comments on your site using my phone (which is how I do most of my commenting). Please don’t think I’m ignoring you; I just need to make a dedicated effort to get to the actual computer, and visit you.)

  4. It’s a silly little crush of children who pick flowers and think of poems that rhyme, but you know I’ll always remember my 6-year-old love.

    • I never even thought of that, until you said it. I remember mine.

      I guess it’s the “giving up” of my kid, to a very small degree; he’s always been pretty much my exclusive “property”. Now, he’s someone’s first grade memory…

  5. Good Lord, they start young. Good luck with that!

  6. Love it!

    The V-man has been chased since pre-school. Kindergarten dads telling me their daughters are already conscious of rock stars. The V-man?….he tells me…’It’s the hair mom. Girls love the hair.’ (he’s had long hair since he was 3) I have to agree….always a sucker for long hair & and a smile.

    And…he still holds my hand…

  7. Where were these kinds of girls when I was in kindergarten? For that matter, high school?

  8. You should be happy your son is sticking to one girl. Mine’s putting it about a bit. I wasn’t ready for that either.

  9. Still laughing at Mwa’s comment…..

  10. Heartbreaker… soul shaker…
    Seems like you’ll have your hands full.

  11. Doesn’t it all come too quickly, though?

    (I still remember my first “boyfriend” at 6)

  12. At six, my youngest son figured girls were from another planet. So there’s that . . .

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  14. I too had an elementary school crush that lasted from kindergarten through at least 5th grade. When I was eight, he was the only boy at my birthday party, and he wrapped my present in wedding paper. I’ll never forget him…

  15. I must be PMSing, that was beautiful.

  16. Oh wow. young love. That is really heart tugging. Thanks for that.

  17. I have to tell you, I know your pain. My boy will be 9 this month, and I can’t think of him being older then 2. When I was his world, and Nick Jr cast members could have come over for coffee. I am not ready to be replaced. He still tells me I am the prettiest girl ever, but I know its only a matter of time.

    I think you are brilliant.

    • Hang onto the “prettiest girl ever” stuff. That sounds delightful.

      • So something funny happened on the way home from football practice last night, and I had to share.

        I picked up my Boy, and he told me it had happened. He fell in love. He told me about his lunch, where he wasn’t watching where he was going (it happens often) and bumped into this girl. This girl, as he told me, had the prettiest eyes ever. He told me he didn’t get her name, but knows she is in 5th grade. The last thing he said about it was that when he looked at her after lunch had ended, her eyes were sparkling.

        Looks like I am now being replaced. I am truly sad.

  18. Out of curiosity, is that a typo in the word after messy? 😉

    So, was Madison beautiful?

    I had a crush on a girl when I was 7, and then on the same girl when we ended up in Junior High together. I actually had that experience where I lost the power of speech when I encountered her for the first time in the hall. Man, I was such a dork.

    • Just had to share one last thing. I just finished a book today, You’ve Been Warned by James Patterson. Throughout the book, the main character has a song going through her head. At the end of the book, it reveals the song. I only recognized it because I had read the lyrics to the song today, for the first time ever – the Circle Game.

      Very freaky.

      • Not freaky – serendipitous. I have, on 3 non-consecutive occasions, looked like a genius while watching Jeopardy because of some little tidbit I’ve read on a blog.

        Also? That was not a typo in shituation. We also experience the occasional pissue around here.

  19. I’m pleased he’s showing his affection for her in such a lovely way and not just kicking sand in her face. He’s obviously more emotionally intelligent than the boys I went to kindy with.

    • Oh, I’m sure it will happen. Probably because some other little boy will make fun of him, and his embarassment will need an outlet.

      But I hope it doesn’t.

  20. I know grown men who act the same way.

  21. Awww. This was great. 😉

  22. This one was sweet, Ginny.

  23. I’m really glad I have boys because I don’t think I could cope with watching a daughter start to show fondness for stupid, spotty teenage boys. I know exactly how teenage boys think, or don’t.

    With boys, I can take the typical Dad role and just swell with pride when they start showing interest in the fairer sex. I can deal with that.

  24. The exact same thing happened with a kitten I once had. Even though she was a kitten, all the males in the area used to bring her dead rats as offerings of token affection.

  25. My nine year old had a girl “friend” but she recently turned a corner into the infatuation stage. She’s calling all the time and sadly, she’s less herself which she always used to be and now more that girl who tries to garner approval. He doesn’t know quite what to do with her now that she’s fawning over him instead of just playing legos. Thankfully he’s not all anti-girl but I can tell he senses things have changed and not entirely for the better.

  26. Oh, my God. Sometimes I can’t deal with the tongue of my shoe, either.

  27. Aww.. that’s so cute 🙂 I remember the boy who used to pull my hair in kindy…

    Just stumbled across your blog yesterday, read madly through the archives and love it!

  28. I LOVE your blog. I did discover it via the emailsfromcrazy people, but after only reading a few entries in your archives, I immediately put it in “favorites” and planned to check back regularly.

    Sadly, as a current law student, my free times has been nonexistant and only today was I able to find time to surf the internet for funsies. Yours was one of the first sites I went to (after the requisite email checking, of course).

    I’m so sad to hear that you get “troll” comments! Your writing is so talented and I love your feminist attitude towards (pick one: Barbies, society, children’s toys, being a stay-at-home mother, etc…). To be quite honest, I can’t believe you don’t work as a published writer, since I’d be first in line to buy your book, and would travel up to a whole tank of gas-distance to get it autographed on your subsequent book tour!

    On a seperate note, could I recommend a book you might love? The Mommy Myth. It gets a little bit like a rant in parts, but is mostly well-written and scholarly. I think (and hope) you’re like it.

    Please keep up the amazing writing and blog posts! I don’t know what others could possibly complain about, let alone call you names over (and cunt? seriously? You know, that word originated from Africa where it was a term of respect for women, meaning “noble” or “glorious”… just fyi), but I hope you’ll never let it bother you!

  29. My nephew just started kindergarten and it just kills me that he’s not the sweet little baby anymore. He doesn’t have a girlfriend at school but he’s pretty fond of my roommate and has told her he’s going to marry her. It’s really cute.

  30. I love your blog. Please never stop writing it. I hope when I am a mom someday I can write about my kids like this! It’s just perfect.

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