Hi. I missed you.

Things that have happened since we last talked:

1. I learned that where I used to put two spaces after a period, the Youngs are now using one. I learned this was a way that people could look at my resume and tell I was over a certain age. I felt hella empowered knowing that.

2. I found spreadable Brie. It’s not quite the same, but you know, it fills the gap.

3. We went on our first family vacation to somewhere warm. Loved, loved, loved. Reaffirmed my need to be a Professional Money Haver, to make this a habit.

4. I got engaged. It was a surprise. A beautiful, holy crap, eyes wide surprise.


13 responses to “Hi. I missed you.

  1. Welcome back …

  2. Hello!! So glad you’re back.

  3. We missed you too! So happy to see this!

  4. Congratulations! Very happy for you! On that “engagement” thing mostly, but also for your enlightenment on spacing, the ’emergency brie’ trick, and discovering the fine art of running away from reality on a regular basis…

  5. 1.Welcome back!
    2.We missed you, too!
    3.Congrats on the engagement! WOOHOO!
    4. I still use 2 spaces. Screw the Youngs. Old school still rules! 😛

  6. Congratulations and glad you’re back. Like your writing.

  7. Congratulations, on the engagement! I’ve missed your writing. ❤ Too bad about the whole double spacing after a period. At 48, I'm not going to move on to using only one space. I'm offended at the notion of someone taking away that extra little pause that may be just the rest I need before moving on to the next sentence! 🙂

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