WINNING! (But With Less Tiger Blood)

By noon today, I had pretty much won.

I figured out how to make the fake pockets on my shirt lay flat, without the aid of an iron, or safety pins.

I formulated a plan to (legally) get human remains across an international border.

I got the woman in the public washroom stall next to me to stop having her TMI phone conversation, without saying a single word.

This life thing? Yeah, I’ve clearly got this all figured out.

(I should probably get an advice column. It’s the next logical step.)


6 responses to “WINNING! (But With Less Tiger Blood)

  1. Dang. You must have it figured out if you managed the flat pockets look; they always look so perfect at the shop. The TMI convo lady cracked me up. I wish I could accomplish that, but, even with words, I have failed. And, I think you should tell us more about crossing international borders with human remains, because now, I’m wondering are they fresh? 🙂

  2. So tell us these incredible secrets!

  3. i need to know how you got the TMI lady to shut up. this is incredibly challenging — short of making horrid noises, continuously flushing, or looking under the stall wall and waving while saying “Tell her i said ‘hi'”, i have NO idea how to do this…

  4. I thought this was an advice column.

  5. I like this blog and I think others will too, so I’m nominating you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Go here to see the details!

  6. LOVE IT when ya have days like this!

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