FAQ, re: Me

But enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU. What do you think of me?

Q: Who the hell are you?

A: Excellent question! What an auspicious start! My name is Ginny. I’m a writer. Unpaid, unpublished, but a writer, nonetheless. I was born in 1975 (do your own damn math) and grew up in a tiny and remote farming community, somewhere on the Canadian prairie. I got older, did some stuff, and now I’m a stay at home mom to 2 kids.

Q: Wait just a damn minute! You’re a stay at home mom? Is this a mommy-blog????

A: I am a mommy. This is a blog.

All I can say is that my interests go beyond that. I do write about my kids. If I had a 9 to 5 job, I would write about my co-workers. It is what it is. I got over it. Maybe you can too.

Q: What’s up with the name, “Praying to Darwin”? You some kind of religious nut?

A: Oh goodness no! I’m not at all religious. (Not that I have anything against religion. I’m just not. If I was going to claim a religion, I think I might like to be a Buddhist. But, from what I can gather, I’m far too shallow, and not nearly nice enough to join up.)

The name came about after reading an item in the paper discussing creationism vs. hard science. Some well-meaning folks were putting together a “Creationist Museum”, because the regular museums just weren’t cutting it. It just made me kind of sad. Can’t I have both? When I’m really scared, or really worried, I like to pray. To whom or what I am praying, I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t care. I also like to believe that the earth is millions of years old, and that we’re descended from monkeys (don’t believe me? Watch Jerry Springer for a day or two. We’re less than a chromosome away from flinging our own feces, people!).

I don’t know how the two match up. I just kind of let my brain go into a nice fuzzy state, much like the way you have to unfocus your eyes to “get” those magic eye pictures. And it works.

And I would go so far as to say that this need for duality is carried over into most of my life. I’m comfortable with the grey. The older I get, the more I can see the need to let go of the ease of a black and white lifestyle, and ride the uncertainty, baby.

34 responses to “FAQ, re: Me

  1. How can it be that I haven’t noticed this blog before?
    Bam! You’re on my blogroll.

  2. I think you’re rad and am totally blogrolling you. I’m also going to point you in the direction of my best friend Talea who is also from the prairies. She is totally down with the smarmy social commentary and looking at tasks to do and just shoving them further into closets. (I myself am down with that as well, hence ice cubes instead of hauling an a/c unit up the teeny weeny stairs of my Toronto flat). You’ve already got my linkypoo there, she’s at http://www.talea.wordpress.com. Happy writing, I love your style.

  3. I’m adding you to my blogroll. Funny. Interesting. You go girl!

  4. 19thmayflower

    and i’m another blogger, adding you to my blogroll.
    love your writings!!!

  5. heartlessjezebel

    Very funny, very entertaining and oddly poignant in some parts…

    Adding you to my blogroll, thanks for the laffo. Hopefully I can reciprocate!

  6. I’m blogrolling you, too. I pray to Darwin every goddamn day.

  7. Ok ~ I got to your blog thru another (Vinomom) and you are hilarious. I just started reading and now I can’t stop!!!

  8. LOL That was awesome. I love the answer to why you namded your blog what you named your blog. Totally awesome.

  9. ….me too, you’re on my blog roll now too.

  10. Very interesting.

    I am following everyone else’s lead and adding you to my blogroll as well. I look forward to receiving your questions.

  11. Ginny:

    Now that you have had your cup of tea.

    Hope you are relaxed.

    Judging by your pic you seem to be a strange amalgam of

    Diana Ross, Chelsea Clinton, and Brian Mulroney.

    Is that one of those FBI identikit pics?

    What did you do?

  12. Tom: Thanks, man, you got my day on track! And I love your assesment of the picture. But the crazy eyes? All mine.

  13. Now that’s a much nicer pic, crazy eyes and all.

  14. Russell Miller

    I’ve enjoyed reading the things you have written. You are a good person. I can’t say I agree with you more, I miss Mitch Hedberg. Thats how I came across your blog.
    Keep on writing.

  15. Ginny–
    I found your blog about a year ago and love it. I just started a blog of my own. It is still trying to find its identity. I’d be honored if you stopped by to visit.
    Mike in Savannah aka The Poolman

  16. Ami Collofello

    I happened across your blog via a search for Ryan Reynolds, and was pleasantly surprised to find a Ryan Reynolds dream AND pancocks in one post. It really made my day.

    I’ll be coming back for more. Thanks for the funny. 🙂

  17. irreverentmommy

    A friend suggest I check out your blog – glad I did. Anyone who screws up their arm reaching for a gummy worm gets on my blogroll! Cheers!

  18. Ginny, you are fucking HI-larious. I found your blog (like Ami above) during a Google search for a Ryan Reynolds pic, and I am so glad you happened to have one of my faves. I just about fell off my chair laughing when I read that post. Of course, I was at work, so I couldn’t really explain myself with how I got to your blog (looking for a picture for my Facebook quiz) or what specific post I was laughing at (the Ebony and Ivory pancocks), so now everyone thinks I am nuts. Oh well.

    Count me as a loyal reader going forward…I will do my best to comment and not be a “lurker”!

  19. New to the blogging but found you through ‘Letter from Joshua’
    site, which I love. I am a writer, but messing around with internet finally and facebook stuff was leaving me cold so thought blogging would be more fun. I enjoy your perspective and it’s interesting to read about such a totally different life than the one we’re living in a far different part (I suspect) of the country. Unfortunately, we live in a red state — No, not country — but don’t let that worry you. We are a tiny liberal bastion of liberal up here on Wye Mt.

  20. Oh — http://www.iwonderwye.blogspot.com .
    See? Told you I’m a Luddite — this can make one feel ancient.

  21. Lots to read here and loving every minute of it – especially the parts about your kids. You will get me thinking or at least laughing! Thanks.

  22. I never did get those magic eye pictures …

  23. Apparently (from the looks of these comments) I don’t need to ask for permission to add you to my blogroll. So I’m DOING IT! Sooo, looking forward to reading your work on a regular basis. (Thank you, Holidailies). Seriously, you know where to find me if you want to have me pull the link.

  24. Okay- so I am so totally late to the party but I figured that I should admit…..that I have a totally appropriate chick crush on you….and just about everyone on our blog roll. Thank you for giving me so much to catch up on. You’re friends are freaking hilarious.

    I need cooler friends

  25. I’ve read two things from your blog. Namely, your post entitled “A Letter to My Child’s Teacher, Whom I Suspect Is a Sadist” and…this FAQ. I’m a fan. Having had to be “that kid” who showed up the first day with the incorrect materials, I vowed never to do that to any of my students or their parents. I’m only an ESL teacher, but it’s just as applicable.


  26. Ginny;

    About your hair. It. Is. AWESOME. I wish I had hair like that. I am proud I still have my hair, given that my kids still drive me to attempt to remove it by force. I am concerned, however, that, despite your remarkable hairdo, you continue to publish your blog roll sans Death By Children, which is a clear violation of our contract. Granted, I never sent you the contract, but ignorance of the law is no excuse. For the record, the blog address in question: http://www.deathbychildren.com

    Warmest Regards;


  27. I’m a 79 yr.old gramma, but I still identify! And love to giggle. Please include me in your mailing list?

  28. Ginny in Texas

    Today, someone sent me one of your posts and asked if I were secretly writing as you.

    I wish.

    Seriously Funny. And school supply shopping gets much, much worse after elementary school. Hoping for the update.

  29. Essentially For Everything

    I just found you this morning, Ginny. You are awesome!!
    I, too, grew up in a small farming community…but I am in New Brunswick. I have my own blog, but mine is for a different passion than yours. Love your writing. I will visit often. 🙂

  30. What happened to the post – A Letter To My Child’s Teacher, Whom I Suspect is a Sadist?
    I shared this on Facebook a while back and now I can’t find it! It was hilarious and I’d love to read it again!!

    Love what you do. Keep it up! 🙂


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