“gotta promise not to stop when I say when”

My neglected little blog makes me sad.

And no one should be made sad by an inanimate object.


So here’s what I’m doing.  30 videos in 30 days.  Who knows what kind of stuff that’ll make me write about?  You see where I’m going with this?  Yeah, you do.  And if you’re all “Ginny, this is blatant use of a gimmick!”, well, you’re right.  Feel free to go play with your dog, or whatever non-internet things you do.  I’m sticking with this.  You could join in, you know.  Without even more damn ado:

Day 1 – Your Favorite Song


Everlong – Foo Fighters

It’s pretty much perfect.

For me.

Because I can’t ever make up my mind, and I want it all.  I never want to choose between savory and sweet, tall and short, fast and slow, brash and subtle.  I want ALL of it.  In small portions, maybe, so that I can have all this variety at once.  The Bento Box Life-Plan, if you will.

And for me, this song has a little of everything I love.  It makes me a little angry-feeling, and happy, and a little sad all at the same damn time.

The love was permanent when I saw them at Edgefest in Calgary in ’98.

The day was hot, crazy hot, and there was fuck all for shade in the infield of a race track.  As the day wore on, all the things I’d found annoying about the friends-of-friends I was with had magnified into a swirling vortex of prickly GAH!  I’m not a festival person, and must have been out of my damn mind when I agreed to this whole shit show.  I just wanted out.

And then there was Dave.

And watching him made me feel 16 again.  Like ANYTHING could happen.  Nothing would, but anything could.

Plus?  The festival dudes finally turned hoses on the crowd at the exact moment they got into “Everlong”.

It was fucking awesome.

I like the acoustic version. I thought it was really lovely when Monica and Chandler walked back down the aisle to the instrumental version.

But the full strength, album version will always be The One.


17 responses to ““gotta promise not to stop when I say when”

  1. “gotta promise not to stop when i say ‘when'”… really have to trust someone to tell ’em that. loved the video… had never seen it… i was breeding in the 80’s. i missed a lot that didn’t involve cloth diaper barf rags on my shoulder, strollers/wagons and wiping small asses….

  2. Love this song and love Foo Fighters. I saw them in concert years ago, but I know just what you mean about Dave. That guy makes you believe that he lives for every moment he is performing on that stage for you. He’s amazing.

  3. While this song does seem a little “everlong” when playing it in Rock Band, it’s sure fun to rock out. Learn to Fly is my favorite FF song, though. =)

    Great, now I’m going to have to go back and watch the Friends episode. Guess that’s not such a hardship.

  4. I’m in.
    Because I’ve begun on your day 1, I’ll follow in your footsteps for (as many days as you do in) a month.

  5. Oh, this song leaves me in a puddle on the floor, everytime. Especially acoustic. Any day I’m reminded of it is a good one, so thanks for improving this grey day. : )

    • I’m surprised that standing beside me while I screamed “I LOVE YOU” at my boyfriend Dave, live, didn’t put you off the band forever…. and you’re welcome.

  6. Dave Grohl is mine Ginny… all mine!

  7. This whole experiment pleases me to no end, looking forward to the next 30 days.

  8. Right. No one should be made to feel sad by an inanimate object. Of course your blog is anything but inanimate. But another commenter on another blog of another fine woman put it nicely:

    I think us readers are what I would call “low-maintenance friends”.

    High-maintenance friends ask you where the hell you’ve been and why didn’t you call?

    Low-maintenance friends say I’m so very glad to see you; would you like some tea?

    So, tea?

  9. Welcome back! I haven’t popped over here in a while.
    Now, as for the Foos…LOVE THEM!
    And yeah, Dave. Mmmm.

    Ok, now to go check out some of your other new posts. Yay!

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