Messin’ Around

These are some fun places where I waste time.

They make me happy.

Cake Wrecks


Garfield Minus Garfield

Look at this fucking hipster

Passive Agressive (And Just Plain Agressive) Notes

This is why you’re fat.


Fuck You, Penguin

People of Walmart

8 responses to “Messin’ Around

  1. Have you seen Lovely Listing yet? It’s a hoot, too. I check it along with Cake Wrecks on a regular basis and it generally makes me smile or outright laugh.

    Love your site and wish I’d discovered it long ago. Keep up the great, sardonic work!

  2. Others I recommend on the same vein:

  3. I don’t know if it’s creepy, totally awesome, or just fate, but that list right up there, pretty much sums up my daily browsing habits. Although I read webcomics too, and Icanhascheeseburger. Totally still counts.

    A site for dorks like me. 🙂

  5. Your websites is a riot…had me crying I was laughing so hard!!
    Never saw walmart people website….HILARIOUS!

  6. I really had a good visit and I’m in for the long run. thanks. Hope you take a few minutes to check Hope you like it enough to visit again. PS: It was your blog name that got me here. I guess that is part of my evolutionary progress.

  7. you should check out what I’ve read of your blog so far, you’d love it. I also love people of Walmart-it’s hilarious because it’s true, right? 🙂

  8. Oh, People of Walmart makes me feel so judgmental. Maybe I should go right over there now!

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