Je Parle Sitcom (Or, Sprechen Sie 80’s Half-Hour Comedy?)

Scene:   Saturday Night, My Living Room


Me:  Wow, yet another troll comment.  And this one broke out the C-word.

Husband:  Hmm.

Me:  Um, hello, someone just called your wife a cunt, this doesn’t bother you at all?

Husband, Uh, I thought we were laughing them off, I mean, you’ve had like, a ton of positive comments, and just a few troll ones…

Me:  Yeah, well I’m still upset.  And I don’t know why you’re not.    And you never stand up for me, and…(lapses into nonsensical disgusted sounds)



Scene:  My Living Room, Sunday Morning


Me:  Sorry I was bitchy last night.  I guess I just thought maybe your inner cave-man, protective instincts might come out when someone says something bad about me.

Husband:  Yeah, but it was ONE guy!

Me:  Yeah but…

Husband:  Ginny, let me put it in a language I know you understand:  “You take the good.  You take the bad.  You take them both, and there, you have  – the Facts of Life.”



He had a point.


60 responses to “Je Parle Sitcom (Or, Sprechen Sie 80’s Half-Hour Comedy?)

  1. Of course it would be a guy. Most women use the word bitch and I consider that a compliment!

  2. Bronwen, you’re absolutely right. Women ALWAYS opt for bitch.

  3. someone called you the c word Ginny? want me to come on over and beat ’em up?

  4. Interesting thing, these trollish comments. I’ve, as of this writing, never had anyone call me anything negative on my blog. Even when I posted about my unibrow . . . I think the worst I got then was Wolfboy, but I had asked for it. So there’s that . . .

  5. Having a troll, just means you’re doing something right. What your saying is magical enough, powerful enough, to bring out the wart nosed little fuckers who don’t want you to cross that bridge {in their wee little brains} and make sense of something. They prefer ignorance and hate over expression and happiness. Hence, what they put out into the world is nothin’ but a whole lotta ugly. So, consider it a compliment when someone takes a moment to call you a “cunt” over your blog… it really does mean you’re hitting some very important latent brain cells. I love my cunt. And other cunts.

  6. i’m stumped. you attracted a troll? it’s a functionally retarded troll, especially if ‘droppin’ the c’ is all he has…. i’d be happy to stop by and stomp on his malfunctioning troll head with a pointy boot if you’d like?

    • Some people didn’t get that the “school supplies” post wasn’t serious. And apparently, it made a couple of the crazies militant. Next one’s all yours 😉

  7. Having a troll means you have officially made it as a blogger, though. Wouldn’t worry too much about it. There’s a lot of idiots out there.

  8. I must say that word is precious, and must be used sparingly. Not just willy nilly in blog comments.

    I was bizarrely called a ‘nigga’ once in a comment.

  9. I really don’t get why someone would call you that. I mean, I don’t recall you doing anything particularly cunt-y lately.

    Can’t we all just get along??

  10. Isn’t it strange. So many of us can get a zillion compliments and someone says one(or seven) bad things and that’s what we hang on to. I’m not judging because I’m the same way. You’ve had the comments, as have I, where you look at it and you know the person’s a douche and doesn’t even get it but still….. Maybe that’s it, less taking it personal and more disbelief that someone could misunderstand you so chasmicly(my own made up word).

    My husband has seem my claws come out, my indignation boil and my mama lion roar its head and thus, feels like I can defend myself. Yes, I can but I have to remind him now and then that a simple, “You go this? Do you want me to jump in here?” is a nice and often sex-producing gesture.

    Also, if I wrote something and you left a snarky, belittling comment, and the afreeman came by and ripped me a new one and then Rassles told me I was an a-hole and then Tysdaddy told me I’m a bane to education, well, then I’d go sit in the bathroom and have a big ugly cry, because you know, I actually like you guys. But some dork who’s just learning to comment, probably loves the controversy and is not about to put themselves out there writing anything? Fuck ’em.

    And as a Buddhist-lite, I will tell you, wherever you find your zen, there you are. Blair-ohhhhhm, Trudy-oooohhm…

    • “if I wrote something and you left a snarky, belittling comment, and the afreeman came by and ripped me a new one and then Rassles told me I was an a-hole and then Tysdaddy told me I’m a bane to education, well, then I’d go sit in the bathroom and have a big ugly cry”


      Also? You have been one hell of a good friend. I stopped reading the comments at the other site, but Owen didn’t, and he told me you were over there, battling idiots, defending me. You are truly awesome.

  11. you had it right, your husband is the zen-effing-master, what’s even funnier and this relates to x-box is that i’ve been called the N-word with the -er at the end at least a half dozen times in my life and i’m a large white man, apparently with a talent for pissing people off, so really getting called the c word Gin, it’s a compliment.

    From your friendly elitist, carpetbagging, yuppie, frat boy scum.

    • Carpet bagger was my favorite.

      And really, the jaded-ness was a logical next step in my blogging career. So thank you, nameless, gutless troll for helping my skin thicken.

  12. Great zen moment for the husband, but really he should have said something.
    So any of the trolls come back for more words?
    God, I hate the c-word.

    • Although I do still wish he’d shown the teensiest bit of protective instinct, I also recognize that the dude is so zen, he’s nearly comatose. We’re different people.

      (No more trolls as of this second 🙂 )

  13. That’s it lady. Now that you are all famous and shit I demand a ride on your coat-tails – blog roll me! 😉

    Love your work, as usual. (I actually caught up with an ex work colleague today and he read your Girls Aloud ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ blog from ages ago and mentioned it to me, saying how when they first came out in the UK they were actually quite respected. Who knew?)

  14. @curtisincalgary

    I think your husband is the smartest man I know (my insignificant social circle not withstanding…)

  15. That’s heavy duty language, man. What gives? But great reference to a theme song!

  16. Ahhhhh….c u next tuesday huh?

    Oh Ginny, it’s just the price of fame. I just read all of the posts from the “other” website. I can’t believe how much time people spend writing about the things they think they know about. It was awesome to see how riled up some of them got over a letter. I am not sure now whether to be offended as a teacher or not. Oh wait..I teach drama…no supply list.

    Clearly, happy that so many reader’s followed, but too bad the trolls didn’t come over and read before they posted. I think within about 4 posts I was pretty clear on your humour style. OH..and what about that the blog is listed under the “humour” section. What are they…new?

    Anyway…lovin’ it!


  17. Seriously, Ginny, please tell me he sang it! Please, please, please! That would just make my day – picturing him bursting into song like a drunken karaoke singer! What a great guy.

    • No, he did not sing it. He used his wisest, most Buddhist-y voice. Much better for getting the point across than singing. (Plus, he’s no Gloria Loring.)

  18. I had to click on the youtube link even though I knew what I was going to hear and it would be stuck in my head.

    I read the comments and I didn’t get it. How can anyone NOT get that there was some sarcasm in play there?

    Well whatev – still one of my alltime favorite Ginny posts.

    • It’s still stuck in MY head, too. But that’s not really new. I almost always have a sitcom theme in my head. For an entire month this year, it was “Kate & Allie”: Just when you think, you’re all by yourself, you’re not. Doo doo doo Doo doo…

  19. I love your blog!
    I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago.
    You’re hilarious! And I can’t wait to read more posts:)

  20. You’ve got backup! A bunch of us will stomp the loser trolls with our cunt-y stiletto heels.

  21. The bright side of the troll posts is that that posting led so many of us here. You’ve given me laughter when I’m ready to rip my hair out and check myself into the looney bin just for a vacation from my children. Keep on doing what you do- for those of us that “get it” you are like a life line to keep us continuing to look at parenting and life with a sense of humor. Thank you a million times for this blog!

  22. I just read some of the comments and one phrase came to mind.

    People blinded by the pure white light of profound stupidity.

    Oooo, Ginny is soooo scary. Good grief, did some of those comments make me laugh.

    • Thanks, Allen. I don’t “get” people who argue on the internet. Kind of like going to the strippers; you get your soda all shook up, and then realize you’ve got no bottle opener. Or something like that.

  23. I figure the nastier the comment, the more important what you said must have been 😉 I’m expecting some serious backlash for calling America on its hysterical presidential bashing…

  24. Yeah, nasty words last a lot longer than the kind ones, don’t they?

    Good to know that you speak sit com. I’m forever finding myself spouting Cosby Show wisdom.

  25. You have trolls? I’ve heard burning sage works wonders to get rid of them.

    Don’t you just love the people that sling insults from the safety of their own anonymous computer room. What cowards.

    I am sorry Ginny. Obviously they have not been a long time reader. Just a loser with an entitlement issue.

  26. I’ve avoided checking out the trollage for fear of harshing my buzz. But I think you’re wonderful, if that counts. And Tootie does, too.

  27. I NEVER get trolls. SO unfair.

  28. Ahhhahah. The Facts of Life. Awesome.

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