RIP, Bea

When I was a kid,


the “Golden Girls” came on after school.  Weekdays at 5:30 on CBC, one of the two channels we could get in the middle of nowhere.


Four senior citizens living in Miami.  What, exactly, did an eleven year old girl on the Canadian prairie have in common with them?


Sweet bugger all.


But I loved them, and I watched, religiously.


My favorite?  Bea Arthur.


In a way that defied words, I just “got” her. 


Finally, while reading about her passing this morning, I found a quote that explained what I’d been feeling about her:


“Look – I’m 5 feet 9, I have a deep voice and I have a way with a line.  What can I do about it?”


The eleven year old me didn’t get it, but the thirtysomething me does.  It is what it is what it is.  Instead of knocking myself out to be the “hot” one, or the “nice” one, at a certain point, I figured out where I fit in – I’m a Dorothy.


RIP, Bea.


20 responses to “RIP, Bea

  1. My folks watched this show religiously. I only ever enjoyed her spunk. I can see why you’d like her . . .

  2. It’s a sad day. I used to love the Golden Girls.

    And I gave you some linky love and an award. You can pick it up by dropping by my blog.

  3. Bea Arthur died?! I am sad. The Golden Girls was a fabulous show.

  4. maybe it was all the cheesecake

  5. I loved that show, even as a boy in my early teens. Not really the target audience.

  6. The Golden Girls was just flat-out funny. I love catching the re-runs. And Bea Arthur had a light in her, like you could tell she was just okay with herself the way she was, talk, deep voice and everything.

    On a personal note, I hope things are a little less “weird” for you. Your last post had me worried about you.

  7. *I meant “tall” instead of “talk” regarding Bea Arthur. I hate when I make ridiculous typos.

  8. I hadn’t heard Bea Arthur had died! What a shame! She was fabulous on that show. At around the same age as you I was a captive audience of Golden Girls. I still like catching the reruns. And guess who I caught watching said reruns the other day? My 8 year old daughter! Somehow that show is universally enjoyed.

  9. The Golden Girls was the best show ever. I’ve loved Bea Arthur since she was ‘Maude’. Wow. I think I will go tower over someone and tell the the way it is in a deep and serious voice in her honor.

  10. I watched more on Maude than on Golden Girls, but she was always a joy to watch. Usually bigger than life, she could also deliver a sensitive line, when needed.

  11. “What can I do about it?” I love it.

  12. Well, I was short but went through school the funny one, in a sea of beautiful girls. I loved Bea Arthur’s Dorothey–she was sarcastic, she was the smartest, she wasn’t the beauty or the ditz and she was so funny.

  13. The first person I thought of when I saw she had passed away was you… A very nice post and tribute MizzGinny…

  14. I’ve always been devoted to Bea Arthur, but more because of Roasts. I never really got into Golden Girls, and I’m ashamed of that. Deeply, deeply ashamed.

  15. I loved Bea Arthur’s character on the Golden Girls too. She was absolutely hilarious.

  16. I’ll show my age here, but I first loved Bea Arthur’s work on “All In The Family” and “Maude.” She was a talented actress.

  17. I wish we had a Bea Arthur at the Gimcrack. Instead we’ve got 79 Roses.


  18. RIP Bea!

    I loved them all such great ladies.

    She was such a funny women.

  19. Oh, I missed this news. Trying to stay away from media right now with the whole freaking out about the pandemic right now. I, too, liked that show. Go figure!

  20. tysdaddy: She’s like a blueprint for my senior citizen-ship.

    True Blue Texan: Again, thanks so much.

    Captain Steve: Sorry to be the one to tell you.

    O.G.: Oh my god, those women should have been 300 pounds each, with all the freakin’ cheesecake they went through!

    cdv: I know, man. My little brother loved it just as much as me, and still quotes Rose, whenever possible.

    Gwen: Are you kidding! Ridiculous typos are the BEST typos! (And thanks, I’m much better!)

    vinomom: If your comment had a soundtrack, it’d be “The Circle of Life”, by Elton John.

    mongoliangirl: That’s the spirit!

    Boomcoach: I tried to watch her on Maude re-runs, but she had dark hair. Couldn’t do it. Don’t know why.

    Gypsy: That’s exactly what I love about her. Exactly.

    formerlyfun: Being as how you’re awfully cute nowadays, I have a hard time believing you. But yeah, she rocked.

    sulya: You, and a facebook friend I haven’t talked to since elementary school. Weird, hey?

    Rassles: It’s never too late. Get thee to a swap meet, pick it up on DVD.

    faemom: With no more than the arch of an eyebrow, she could carry a scene.

    Southern (in)Sanity: Thanks to the magic of reruns, no one has to show their age!

    nursemyra: The Dorothy’s never end up in places like the Gimcrack. As much fun as the Gimcrack sounds, I hope I’m a Dorothy.

    Loni: And now, we’re down to 2. And I will be sad when they go, too.

    writinggb: Pretty universal. Odd that a show about a bunch of old broads had such a varied fan base.

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