Sooooooo, my world’s a little weird right now.


It’s not me.  It’s someone else.  But I’m vacillating between nausea, acceptance, and maniacal laughter. 


I’m not really processing any information.  Or emotions.  It’s weird, right now.


In the meantime, enjoy this:



Big, huge thanks to Troy.  For pretty much the only laugh I was able to squeeze out all day.  And for the title I blatantly ripped from his email.



(I hope to make more sense, soon.  Hopefully, my shite will be together in the new week.  Wait for me, won’t you?)

21 responses to ““Yes…Look”

  1. Those are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Cryptic, I’m intrigued and worried.

    Link was hot yo.

  3. Ms. Fun took all the fun out of the word “cryptic”.

    Damn it – now what I am supposed to say?

    Um, uh… hope things get less… uh… cryptic soon?

    Damn it!

    Love Ry

  4. PS: I love italics. Emphasis.

    Er… gotta go.

  5. that’s a cool link Ginny – thanks for sharing

  6. will need to root around in that link…. ummm…. there may be photos of me buried in there! thanks. hope you get it all sorted soon. take care.

  7. i should take my camera with me tonight, the neighborhood i live in is hipster heaven, i could add about 20 photos tomorrow.

  8. I have a nose for these things…

  9. I don’t feel quite so dorky now . . .

  10. That is cryptic…Love the link that was fucking hipster hilarious!

  11. That link is going to make my day. I can tell already.

    And I’ll be here when you make sense again.

  12. “If I didn’t already know I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones, I would bet myself $100 that I was listening to Animal Collective on these headphones.”

    I am going to laughing for a goddamn year. Every day. I will check this every day. I will put all of my friends on there.


  13. This isn’t about your hair is it?

  14. i was totally sucked in and couldn’t stop!! effing hilarious!!

  15. Ok. You’ve GOT to stop thinking that you always need to have your shit together. I give you permission to let your shit look like shit. Just don’t step in it.

  16. Preggo perhaps?

  17. Ha! I saw that a few days ago but it was so worth the repeat. Sorry you’re feeling weird right now. Apparently I am too.

  18. Southern (in)Sanity: You’re welcome, sir.

    Formerlyfun: No worrying – one good drunk and I feel much better.

    Ryan: Italics. More fun than bold, less serious than underlining. Discuss.

    nurse: You’re welcome.

    daisy: I checked. You’re clear.

    kono: Excellent!

    Xbox: It ain’t me, man.

    tysdaddy: I hate to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. But I know the hipsters are making fun of ME, so its all good.

    Vinomom: Glad you liked it!

    Gypsy: Thanks, lady.

    Rassles: I thought of you. Immediately. Go forth.

    Betsey: No, no hair disasters. I mean, I should have gone more beige-y than golden, but whatever.

    Nikki: I just wish there were more – they’ve only been at it for a couple of months.

    Kathleen: I did let it go. It got all messy, for a night. Now, good to go.

    GYL: As my dear husband says, a positive pregnancy test would = one dead surgeon.

    Gwen: Weirdness abounds.

  19. I hope you’re doing well and will be back to yourself soon.

  20. Dude, you’re totally pregnant. That explains why you cried over Bea Arthur.

  21. I’m good. And I’m not fucking pregnant. Bite your tongue, Pirate Girl.

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