Send A Blonde to Wine Country

I have a pal named Max.


She’s a blogger.  A screenwriter.  An all around funny chick.


A company called Murphy-Goode is having a contest.  The winner gets to write about wine.  For money.


Max would like to be that winner.


She needs some votes to get her to the next level.


You can vote for her here.


(They only want an email address.  They don’t want your name, your birthdate, or your “lucky” credit card numbers.  I’ve received no spam from them, either.)


Please, take a moment of your time, to send a blonde to wine country, won’t you?




10 responses to “Send A Blonde to Wine Country

  1. You rock Ginny thank you so much for posting and voting. Also if I win I am totally borrowing your kid to help me be funny I still have not recovered from the tooth fairy note I crack up every time I think about it.

  2. Max already has my vote. Are we allowed to vote twice?

  3. Saw this at Kitty’s, as did nursemyra I imagine, and we voted there. So her question is mine . . . off to figure it out . . .

  4. Seems you can only vote once if you use the same email address. It did allow me to vote again using a different address, so there’s that. But I’m almost out of email addresses . . .

    I hope you win, Max!

  5. Max: You are most welcome. And I am NOT doing this because I think you will send me free wine when you win. Nope. Not doing it for that at all.

    Nursemyra & Tysdaddy: Thanks for your votes. Yes, each email address can only vote once. But if you have more than one address…

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  7. Thank you so much for the vote guys. You can vote more than once if you use separate email accounts. It is also really important to respond to the vote confirmation email because if you do not confirm the vote they do not count it. You guys rock. Yay!

  8. Made it into the top 50 with 504 votes. Voting is still open too: [it takes 60 seconds to view and vote]

  9. Yaaay! And yes, everyone, keep voting.

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