Happy Farter’s Day

The husband and I have been together for more than a couple of Fathers Days.


In the beginning, it was a day where he would call his dad, say “Happy Farter’s Day!”, laugh at his own joke, and repeat yearly.


Then we had some kids.


From his very first minute as a father,

Ben 001

he was like the Rain Man of dads.  He just got  it.  Calm, rational, loving, full of skills and emotions I didn’t know (and maybe he didn’t know) he had.


We had another one.

Jane 001


And now I get to watch him be a dad to a girl.  Which is different.  Maybe harder.  Undeniably beautiful.


He’s just really, really good at being a dad.



Well, mostly.



Because tonight, I think I may have stumbled across one of the archetypal “Father” roles I may have to wrench away from him.


Dude, the “Father-Son” talk may have to be removed from your purview. 




A conversation from earlier tonight:

B:  Was I at your wedding?

G:  No.  We hadn’t made you yet.

B:  Made me?  What, like with hammers and stuff?

O:  Oh, there was hammering all right…


Happy Farter’s Day anyway, dear.


23 responses to “Happy Farter’s Day

  1. That was amazingly spoken and well delivered by your husband…exactly the type of talented talk that we men can be proud of..LOL!

  2. haha…. now we know where your son got the note-writing talent from

  3. LOL — till now I thought the kids got it all from you but I am beginning to see this is a group project.

  4. Give ’em just enough to wonder, that’s my policy. Great job, dad . . .

  5. And now I am hysterical. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

  6. I think I love your husband. That answer was priceless.

  7. i dread the day that my children understand those sexual innuendos!!!

  8. So you hammer to make boys and nail to get girls?

  9. hahahaha We can certainly see where the kids get their character from (the both of you, not just dad)

  10. Eeeeeewwww mommies and daddies doing it.

    So weird.

  11. No! He didn’t actually say “hammering”! What a touching moment. LOL

  12. Just had a thought. Is that what he’s going to say to his precious daughter?

  13. Ha ha ha … hilarious!

  14. Your husband is awesome. Happy Farter’s Day is great. And I would totally let him give the talk. Candor is always good 🙂

  15. *chuckles* i could almost imagine the hammering

  16. I’m totally writing this one down to use at a later date. Happy Father’s Day, belatedly, to your guy.

  17. I love your husbands inappropriateness.

  18. I keep laughing this evil gurgle bart simpson / beavis giggle.
    “Oh there was hammering alright”
    hee hee, heh heh hee hee
    chortle chortle

  19. LOL! Ok that’s one of the better ones I’ve heard. Two thumbs up for Dad.

  20. I don’t know why I’m reading this almost a month after the fact. But I’m in a public place with my laptop, and now feel the stares of several eyes around me because I just laughed so hard aloud at the suggestion of hammering. That is definitely the most awesome thing I’ve read all day.

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