“No, THAT’S Love.”

I have begun to tire of winter.

It is no longer charming, or a lead up to Christmas. It is cold and stupid and irrelevant, now.

So today, I thought of summer.

This past summer, we took a lovely trip to a lovely mountain town. On our last lovely morning there, we ate breakfast on a restaurant patio.

It was a quiet Sunday morning. So the sound of skateboard wheels was fairly jarring. A longboard passed by. A longboard with two riders. Both guys. The guy on the back had no choice but to wrap his arms around the guy on the front. They looked happy.

We stared at them as they rolled by.

“That? Is love” he said.

He saw I was done my bacon. He asked if I wanted his.

“Now THAT,” I said “is love.”

2 responses to ““No, THAT’S Love.”

  1. That is indeed love. Gene gives me the last piece of bacon too or the bigger portion or his last piece and when we got to Olive Garden, he gets my chocolate. He likes bacon and I like chocolate but we know the ther person likes it more.

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