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Sooooooo, my world’s a little weird right now.


It’s not me.  It’s someone else.  But I’m vacillating between nausea, acceptance, and maniacal laughter. 


I’m not really processing any information.  Or emotions.  It’s weird, right now.


In the meantime, enjoy this:



Big, huge thanks to Troy.  For pretty much the only laugh I was able to squeeze out all day.  And for the title I blatantly ripped from his email.



(I hope to make more sense, soon.  Hopefully, my shite will be together in the new week.  Wait for me, won’t you?)

Actually, It’s Not All That Hip To Be Square



I’m walking across the Safeway parking lot. Faintly, from a distance, I hear the thumping of a car stereo. Not the “thump, thump, THUMPTHUMP” of dance music. More subtle. And it’s not all bass. It’s probably the best sounding car stereo I’ve heard in a while. And it’s loud.


The sound gets closer. Finally, I figure out which car this music is coming from. It’s an unassuming little beige Volvo. Four door. Behind the wheel is a man. Early 40’s. Glasses, not a lot of hair. Chubby. His head sits directly on his shoulders, unburdened by a neck. He brings to mind a toy we had when I was a kid.


Because I’m pretty sure this guy wobbles, but doesn’t fall down, either.  (I’m also pretty sure he lives in his mom’s basement.)  (But if you asked him, he’d tell you his mom lives with him.)


At any rate, he is enjoying the hell out of this song. His head bobs along, agreeing with every word. Occasionally, he slaps the steering wheel with his palm, to emphasize a point. He half-sneers; he is bad-ass, just like this song.


As he goes past, I can finally make out lyrics, and figure out what this anthem is that he’s listening to.





It’s “Stuck With You”, by Huey Lewis & The News.



(Photo by Bek_alkaline3)