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Thankful: 2012

Well, hell, this has been a crazy-ass year.

Not that much has changed.

I still live in the same house. I still have the same job.

Everything has changed.

My kids are getting huge, and more awesome by the day. There were some pretty major cast changes around here.

And today, I sit here, thankful for every damn thing.

I’m thankful for:

The gap in my baby girl’s smile.

The way my son sweeps his hair from one side of his face clear to the other.

The roof over my head, the lights that are still on, the cable tv & internet that keep streaming through this house.

The boys I work with.


Heated seats in vehicles (still).

Free healthcare.


Sweat Pants Parties.

The Foo Fighters.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

My relationship with my ex-husband. Which has transcended a whole lot of bull shit, and settled nicely into the closest we’ve been to friends in the 19 years (HOLY JEEBUS WE’RE OLD) that we’ve known each other. And his kick-ass girlfriend. Who bakes a cupcake that will make you see god, and is funny as hell, and takes really great pictures


My friends.  Who continue to listen to my jabbering, and take my calls, and put up with my borderline neglect, and continue to sparkle.





And a guy.


A guy who makes me smile wider and more recklessly than I ever have.


And who quietly persisted, and waited for me to see what an incredibly huge deal he was.  Never pointing it out, waiting for me to come to the realization all by myself.


And who makes me sigh all the god damn time.



Things are good.