Taking Stock

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.


I find them depressing and a recipe for let-down.


But I do like to take stock, reflect over the past year.



The Boy Child spent the year growing out his hair and getting funnier.  2012 was the year he became conscious of appearances (his own, specifically).  Overnight, every natural fiber in his closet had been replaced with polyester, most of it emblazoned with logos, much to his parents chagrin.  Even as I type this, a drying rack sits in my bedroom, overburdened with Dri-Fit shorts and pants and shirts and jackets, and in a climate as dry as the one in which we live, I can’t help but feel they’re a bit of a potential fire hazard.

He also became immersed in soccer.  He talks about European dudes I’ve never heard of.  He describes kicks and moves and passes in enormous detail, and I grasp none of it.  He spends hours in the basement, working through basement-modified drills, hours upon hours.  He plays on a community league team, and wants to go up a level next year.  He is ecstatic.



This was the year her inborn love of anarchy shifted to enjoyment of structure.  She didn’t just enter Grade One, she attacked it, memorizing schedules, adoring rules, wanting to achieve.

2012 was the year she started to ditch pink.  Not edgy enough.  She’ll tell you black is her favorite color, now (but she’ll settle for a good strong purple).

She has rejected several earnest marriage proposals, and has declared she will never marry or have kids.

She makes us laugh.  Hysterically so.



I went through my first post-divorce break up.

I dyed my hair red.  And then I went back to blonde.

I started running.

I got to be friends with my ex-husband, again.  I also got to be friends with his girlfriend.

I took my family with me to a therapist.  (She was terrible.  So bad that we all silently agreed to get our shit together so that we wouldn’t have to go back to her.  Maybe that was her plan all along.  Well played, Dr. X, well played.)

I had an amazing weekend in the mountains that included looking up at a completely dark sky and feeling right.

I started dating a guy.  The first time I ever transitioned someone from “friend” to “boy-friend”.  It worked.

I started writing again.




I might not have made any resolutions for 2013.  But oh my god, am I ever looking forward to it.



5 responses to “Taking Stock

  1. You rock, girlfriend. Had my first “friends with benefits” tryst and am freakin’ ecstatic that I loved every minute if it! Who knew?!

  2. That all just seems… so perfectly right. You’ve got it.

  3. Huzzah!

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. yippee! a good year of ‘stuff’…

  5. As a soccer fanatic i give big ups to the boy child… and as a Morrissey fanatic i give big ups to the girl child (you know wearing black and all) i always give big ups to their Momz, nice to have you back…

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