String ’em Together and Call ’em a Day

Coffee in bed with a gorgeous man while watching an episode of Community, and realizing I maybe judged last season too harshly,

Watching the minutes tick by, stuck in traffic, knowing the plane was touching down.

Talking to my brother on the phone by surprise, dropping a Simpsons reference and missing him all the way down to my gut.

Knowing my brother in law by the back of his head, hugging all 4 of them at once, sobbing into my sister’s shoulder while grinning.

Watching little people figure out snow.

Hearing “he’s cute!” stage whispered by the sister meeting the boyfriend for the first time.

Trying not to get run over by the wolf pack created by our 4 kids. My sister saying “dammit, I’m gonna cry” while the tears were already streaming down my face.

My youngest sister being the fun aunt, letting the kids play with the noisy toys, and never letting the grown ups glasses get empty.

The ex husband dropping by in the middle of all of it and being an easy part of it.

Exhausted kids dropping off one by one, followed by adults in the same condition.

2 responses to “String ’em Together and Call ’em a Day

  1. Ha, it snowed a little bit outside, so I immediately called my 2-year-old, who was just running from one side of the house to the other, because I was obviously about to experience a moment. She looked at the snow, slammed the door shut, and said, “OK, now I want to run!”

  2. and as i sit here, getting ab-hammered on leftover wine (there IS such a thing.. or WAS, anyway), i JUST discovered that you came back for the Holidailies! Merry Christmas, my dear! I’ve read ’em all, but THIS post made me cry…. you got here. life is good!

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