Once upon a time my kid did a nice thing.


His school was making lunches for a homeless mission downtown.  His class’ job was to decorate the lunch bags.  I got a little cynical about it.  Then I read an article in the local paper about the kids’ effort.


I wrote about it here.


I got a little teary and sentimental about the whole thing.


I am such a god damn sucker.


We’re sitting around the living room talking the other night.  I ask the Boy Child if he remembers doing it.


“Oh yeah.  We drew soooo many butts!!”


“What?????  You did not!  Are you kidding me?”


“We all did it.  No one was really checking the drawings.  Yup, drew a lot of butts that day.”


Memory: sullied.


6 responses to “Sucker

  1. You are not alone! I have a boy child, and a nephew (curious it is the boy children rather than the girls that I know) who would have done exactly that. And years later would reveal it. In fact, let me think, there was a time when the kids were involved in a public project at a museum and did just that too. It is disappointing for the ole memory banks, especially when we get our hopes up about humanity and all that and our own kids being OK after all. They still grow up alright, on the whole!


  3. I think that’s a wonderful memory made even better by the addition of a huge laugh!

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