“I Don’t Share Your Greed, the Only Card I Need…”

Every family has their holiday traditions.

And nearly every family has some offbeat family traditions, ones unique to them, that elicit odd looks when shared with others.

I have a lovely friend, whose (Jewish) family used a cow puppet as a Christmas tree topper.  Every year.

Another friend had to be told that Slap Shot wasn’t a Christmas movie, because his family watched it every single year at Christmas.

My family always liked to cap off Christmas day with an especially off-color round of Balderdash.


(Nothing will ever, ever make me laugh as hard as my sister’s definition for ampersand: a sex act performed with egg beaters whilst wearing roller skates on the steps of city hall.)

My boy, just last year, provided my family with our wacko tradition.

We were putting together a Christmas playlist.  He was around the corner in the living room.

Us:  Hey, do you guys have any favorite Christmas songs you want on this list?

Boy Child:  Ace of Spades!

Us: CHRISTMAS songs!

Boy Child:  (pauses for a super long time)  Ace of Spades!

And so began a Christmas tradition in our house.

4 responses to ““I Don’t Share Your Greed, the Only Card I Need…”

  1. Balderdash! I forgot about that game. So fun.

  2. 1. Now I know where our mutual friend gets his Mo-vember inspiration.
    2. How have I never heard this song.
    3. I think B. took an Ace of Spades to school today; he said pirates sent them to people to say they were coming to get them. Your B. will think it’s a reason to get out his lighter and start flipping that awesome hair around.

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