When the bank teller realizes…

Bank Teller: How are THINGS?

Bike Courier: Good, good. House is good, job is good, all good…

Bank Teller: So what are you doing over Christmas?

Bike Courier: Well, Naomi got the same week off as I did, so we’ll be hanging out for a couple of days in that week between Christmas and new years.

BT: ::looks down:: Naomi?

BC: yeah, we’ve been a thing for a while, I guess I have to just admit she’s my girlfriend.

BT: that is GREAT! That is just GREAT!!

BC: we get along great, my family likes her, my brothers and sisters like her…

BT: that is, that is just AWESOME

BC: yeah, I think we’re pretty serious

BT: ::still won’t make eye contact::

BC: and I mean, after the first 2 times, I’m not getting married a 3rd, so this has to be it, right?

BT: ha ha, yeah, I guess it does

BC: because I’m telling you, if this goes south, screw it, I’m just going to be a great big slut.

BT: ::making eye contact again:: ha ha! I suppose you DO!

BC: ::stops making eye contact::

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