This is Happening. Again.

mommy kissing santa

So remember when I did Holidailies a couple of times, a million years ago?  Yeah, that’s happening this year.  Because what better way to resurrect a dying dead blog habit than to commit to writing daily, and extra publicly, in the busiest damn time of the year?  I think I’m wired a little weird.  Like, if I was athletic, I would be all about extreme sports: cramming as much adrenalin into as little time as possible.  But I’m not athletic. So you get the nerd-girl version of that.  Think of Holidailies as my writer chick X-Games.

Where to start?  Perhaps we go with the way I like to begin all my dealings with people, and show off the weak underside right away, so you know what you’re dealing with.  I’m not much of a crier.  That’s probably for two reasons: 1.  I am fucking terrible at it.  I try to hold back, pretend it’s not happening, and then comes the inevitable ugly cry – face contorted, snot flying, eyes immediately red and puffy.  And 2:  There’s just not a whole lot that brings me to tears.

But as a get-to-know-you gesture, I present:


1.  Watching my children play sports.

I know that sounds lame.  But if you had any idea of the massive genetic deficit I passed on to them in this department, the sheer mass of what they’ve had to overcome not only to participate but to be good at a sport?  Yeah, you’d cry too.

2.  That god damned scene in Beaches

Where fucking Barbara Hershey is about to die, and stupid Bette Midler looks back at her (2:05) and then I am like “aw SHIT! I hate myself for this and I am going to cry and oh my god they were such good friends and Wind Beneath My Wings is a terrible god damn song and this whole thing leaves me conflicted and in the worst of ugly tears GAAAAAAH!”

3.  Gatherings of small children

Christmas concerts.  School assemblies.  Team pictures.  They all make me lose it.  I don’t even know why.  But small children en masse make me cry.  (I am eternally grateful to have found a friend who has a similar affliction.  You’ll always find us at the back of a gym, scrounging for slightly used kleenex in our pockets.  We’ve made peace with it.)

4.  Linus

Big ‘ol Atheist.  Crying at an animated character’s speech about God.  Yup.


So those are my little pieces of Kryptonite.  You’re welcome.  Use that information responsibly, won’t you?

9 responses to “This is Happening. Again.


    I cry at gatherings of small children, too. We’re weird.

  2. Last year at the preschool spring concert, my son’s class sang “You Are My Sunshine”, and my mother and I burst into tears. It is a very small school. No one has forgotten.

  3. SO happy you’re back!

  4. I’m glad to see an update from you! I, too, cry at gatherings of small children. I’ll even cry during grade school assemblies when the kids stand and recite the pledge of allegiance, and they do that once a week! (Every other day, they do it in individual classrooms.)

  5. I cry at ALL of those things! So embarassing sometimes! I cried when my 2 year old was dressed up as a turkey and sang little preschool songs – cried like a flippin baby! Linus always gets me too…..

  6. As soon as I read “That god damned scene in Beaches” I was all I KNOW THE ONE YOU MEAN. The sappiest stupidest chickiest flickiest chick flick EVER and the fucking thing STILL MAKES ME CRY LIKE A FOUR-YEAR-OLD WITH A SKINNED KNEE. I hate you, Barbara Hershey.

  7. yep. children singing is kryptonite. i can’t even stumble on that shit on cable access television without having a complete meltdown.

  8. Glad to see I’m not the only one late to the party. Every time I let my guard down you make a comeback. You are a tricky one to figure out Ms. Ginny. Tricky in deed.
    The Christmas movie “Elf” does me in. My combination of daddy issues and the everyone-wants-to-believe-in-something-even-though-they-know-better factor gets to me every time.

    Yet another “welcome back”. I look forward to catching up on my “Praying To Darwin” reading. 🙂

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