Pour Vous, Ginny

You guys.  This is not Ginny.  This is Rassles.

Four years ago, Ginny went on vacation and left this website in my hands.  It was a really, really, really stupid idea on her part, and it’s not just because I turned her blog into a high-trafficked site for Japanese dwarf porn.

I just discovered just now that I can still post on here.

Dear Ginny, I miss you.  That’s all I wanted to say.

Love, Rassles

8 responses to “Pour Vous, Ginny

  1. I miss Ginny, too, and hope that all is well. I also popped over to your blog, Rassles. I like the way you write. You amuse me.

  2. We play that drawing game all the time, Ginny and I. And she kicks ass at SongPop. But I wish she’d write. Love ya, Ginny. And you too, Rassles. Did you eat some roasted cauliflower for me?

  3. two of my favorite bloggy gals – all at once!

  4. I miss Ginny, too. Hope she’s found such happiness that she can’t pull herself away to blog. 😉

  5. I miss you too, Ginny. Hi Rassels!

  6. Rassles gets results.

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