This Will Be My Summer (Or, Cross-Border Sarcasm, at Its Finest)


A message between my sister & I, re: my upcoming trip to Pittsburgh:


Sister:  Ok, here is a list of things to investigate online.  Look a little on line and choose your top 2 :

DuckyBoat Tour
Gateway Clipper
Carnegie Science Centre
Baseball Game at PNC


Me:  I have no idea what Kennywood is, but can only assume it’s a companion to Dollywood.


Sister:  Common mistake. It’s actually a tribute to Irish Actor Kenneth Branagh. Their slogan is “Much Ado About EVERYTHING!”.



10 responses to “This Will Be My Summer (Or, Cross-Border Sarcasm, at Its Finest)

  1. you have to try one of those nasty sandwiches, too. dockworkers ate them one-handed, while shoveling coal or something. meat, fries, slaw on a big bun. Piramanti Brothers. post pics – of you eating it, not of you throwing it up 10 minutes later.

  2. 😯 Uuuuuhhh… wha’???

  3. You do know that i live in Pittsburgh, I don’t see beer with Kono anywhere on that list? Kennywood is an amusement park and though i’ve lived here for a long time i’ve never been there ( have a feeling that will change soon), Gateway Clipper is a big riverboat, never been on one of those either but they look fun and believe they have a bar, Sandcastle -run of the mill water park, Carnegie Science Center – cool as f*ck, if your kids are coming i highly recommend it, Just Ducky Tour- one of the best things about the burgh, a vehicle that goes on water and land and looks like a duck, takes you to all the sights, needless to say one of my favorite things about this city, PNC Park- a great place to see a baseball game, the team sucks, the view of the city spectacular and if you park in the right spot you get to walk across the Clemente Bridge or take a water taxi on our fine Allegheny River, did i mention the Pierogie race? and don’t forget the Warhol Museum as well, always good stuff going on there… and of course you could be the first person in the blogosphere to meet the infamous Kono in person but then again the places i hang out i wouldn’t force anyone to visit.

  4. How’s it feel to lose the title of ‘Funny one in the family’ just like that? Not good, I guess.

  5. Kennywood is a legendary amusement park for anyone who grew up in the ‘burgh (like myself.) It is one of the last of the “trolley parks” that were built around the turn of the 20th century.

    If your kids are joining you, may I also suggest the Carnegie Museum (cool dinosaur bones), the Pittsburgh Zoo, and a drive to the top of Mount Washington.

    Have fun!

  6. I know why, when you click the link it says, theasshatlounge, being the casual type i have no “the” in the title, a few beers and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and i’m a damn techno-genius.

  7. a;fjkl;akjf;lajkf;lasjkf;ajks;fklasj;fjkasd;fjkasd

  8. Kennywood. A tribute to Kenneth Branagh? You and your sister just crack me up! (And for about two seconds, I bought it. grinning) I hope the trip and all excursions are just wonderful!

  9. So how did you like Paris on the Mon? aka Pittsburgh.

  10. Pittsburgh was so freaking good. Way more beautiful than I ever thought it would be, and filled with food so high in cholesterol I’m probably going to die 5 years ahead of schedule and I really don’t give a fuck. And spending more time than I’ve had with my sister in over 10 years was so god damn beautiful I cry if I think about it too hard.

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