“He talks about you in his sleep”

Day 14 – A Song No One Would Expect You to Like


If you knew me when I was a kid, the idea that I would ever like a country song would have been akin to saying I’d grown a second head.  Just no fucking way, outside of a nuclear explosion, radiation poisoning situation.


Everyone around me liked country.  It seemed lame and old-fashioned and small-minded and hokey and a whole string of adjectives that also described the way I felt about the area in which I grew up.


So if you knew me then, you might not think I’d like:


Jolene – Dolly Parton



I adore Dolly.  Her voice gets into a place in my brain and gut that not many folks can.  So even though I want to slap her silly for being pathetic, she does such an amazing job, that it makes me question my position on the subject.


Because the slightest hint of competition sends me running.  I wouldn’t fight.  I haven’t fought.  I just won’t.  I’m either exactly what is wanted, or I’m out.


I honestly don’t know if that’s wrong or not.


9 responses to ““He talks about you in his sleep”

  1. amazing song – i always wanted to write a final verse. the verse where Dolly puts ol’ Jolene into the wood chipper…

  2. I think fighting over people is stupid and demeaning. And I have had a love-hate thing with country music my whole life. Hated most of it, love and occasional group or song. Probably for many of the same reasons as you. But if loving Jolene is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  3. I’ll admit to not being a competitor in that arena as well. If I have to make you like/love me, then you don’t like/love the real me anyway.

  4. I’m with Chris; I can’t stop listening to George Jones’ “Mr. Fool” but I hate the vast majority of country. I’d never heard this song, but it’s wonderful. No one like Dolly. But oh, Christ, that OUTFIT.

  5. Great tune, ever hear the White Stripes version? and let’s face it some country is punk rock and i like it.

  6. michael.offworld

    I can’t say how many times I find myself tuning into CFCW now. Driving in the wide open country roads, I just need that one-speaker, no bass, twingy-twangy comfort sound. And I miss listening to the morning knee-slapper. I bet you can still hear Bev Monroe’s voice in your head. Go Dolly! Applejack!

  7. No way am I fighting some bitch for a dick.

  8. Love this. So folksy.

  9. I like the version Dolly sings with Mindy Smith.

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