“You can have my isolation”

Day 9 – A Song You Can Dance To

Closer – Nine Inch Nails


My uncle dated strippers.


My favorite was the first one.


She taught me a lot of things.  Fortunately, even at 14, I knew a lot of those things were incredibly bad ideas.


But she did teach me how to dance.  We’re not talking routines involving chairs or poles or (heaven forbid) blankets at the edge of the stage.  She just taught me how to not look as uncoordinated as I really was.  And for better or worse, she taught me which songs work, with regards to a successful stage show.


So it was with a slightly askew perspective I would listen to songs, forevermore.  For the rest of my life, I would hear a song with the right beat, tempo, amount of bass, and that certain stripper-y je ne sais quoi, and I would go “Yeah, that’d work.”


The first time I heard “Closer”, I knew I’d found a winner.


9 responses to ““You can have my isolation”

  1. yep. that monkey is pretty much fucked.

  2. It does have a great beat. And you can dance to it. Even the monkey thinks so. (and so do I)

  3. Umm, when are we going dancing? I could use those lessons. And my uncles never dated anyone useful.

  4. ditto what Tara said…. ’cause my moves are more like Elaine from Seinfeld… it’s not pretty.

  5. You goddamn stripper.

    • Fun fact: When I was 4 (long before Uncle Bob brought anyone home) my grandma asked me what I wanted to be. I said a vet, or a stripper. Either one.

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