“After chasing sunsets, one of life’s simple joys is playing with the boys”


Day 2 – A Song You (Fucking) Hate

Playing With the Boys – Kenny Loggins


As much as I hate the living snot out of this horrible (yet refreshingly homo-erotic) soundtrack abomination, it did play kind of an integral part in deciding someone was an alright sort of person.


He texted that he was watching Top Gun.


I applauded his decision, as a straight man, to watch the most thinly veiled piece of mainstream gay pornography ever.


He stated that the soundtrack was undeniably awesome.


I assured him it was not.


(Everyone knows Pretty in Pink had the most amazing, don’t even try to go there, best soundtrack ever.)


Not content to let me sit with my misguided notions, he went to work the next day.


Where he did not work.  But, instead, created a spreadsheet.  Which MATHEMATICALLY proved the superiority of the Top Gun Soundtrack, over admittedly worthy competitors, such as “Footloose“, “Pretty in Pink” (gasp), “So I Married an Axe Murderer“, and surprise contender  “Twister“.



Spread sheets and cheesy music.



I never had a chance.





17 responses to ““After chasing sunsets, one of life’s simple joys is playing with the boys”

  1. Day 2. Fade to Black is the one I fucking hate.

    I sure wish you still had that spreadsheet.

  2. i think we need to see the spreadsheet. i would argue that “The Life Aquatic”, with all of the Portugese Bowie music, should be on the “best soundtrack” list…

  3. I’m just going to go ahead and (a) point out that The Graduate and Grosse Pointe Blank should have been on that spreadsheet, and (b) agree with Daisyfae, adding that any Wes Anderson soundtrack is worthy of mention.

    In fact, I would venture to say that any soundtrack created by Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, or the Coen brothers should probably be on a greatest soundtrack list.

    Also, I love Kenny Loggins.

    • I know your feelings on Kenny Loggins. Don’t think I wasn’t thinking of you the entire time I wrote this. Because here’s the thing: Kenny Loggins is capable of greatness. But when you start looking at 80s soundtracks as a genre, specifically, movies from the 80s that were not exactly quality films, and they needed not exactly quality songs to go with them, and Kenny Loggins (along with Sammy fucking Hagar and Mike goddamn Reno) was one of the worst repeat offenders, well…

      I still love YOU, though. That’s something, right?

  4. Jim Jarmusch always has killer soundtracks

  5. Almost Famous

    and of course Wes Anderson but back in the day, I listened to Take My Breath Away over and over. Doesn’t stand up to Berlin’s Metro but still memorable.

  6. All the naysayers, we know Pretty in Pink is the best soundtrack ever and Some Kind of Wonderful ranks right up there as well, as for “that” scene, hands down the gayest straight scene ever put to celluloid.

  7. Top Gun is a pretty good soundtrack. The Anthem and that Miami Sound Machine song, and Danger Zone… (I do like the OMD song on PiP) Footloose, too.

    Man, I think I’d need a spreadsheet to calculate the awesome tally on all of those. I knew a girl who had a spreadsheet of all the guys she had dated. I could probably do the same on a large post-it. =P

  8. Yeah, my dating spreadsheet would be playing card sized, too. If I wrote really big. And double spaced.

  9. I’m presuming you’ve come across this before, but in case you haven’t, here it is…http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/12/year-kenny-loggins-ruined-christmas.html

    My favourite soundtrack in my teens was Some Kind of Wonderful, and after Kono’s comment I’m now dying to know WHAT was the gayest straight scene ever put to celluoid?!?!

    So I got up “day 2” or as I refer to it “post 2” at last. I’m curious whether anyone will figure out the band from the post before I say who they are. http://www.quadelle.com/2011/03/cold-like-the-fish/

    • I may have switched up a post, so that you wouldn’t have to listen to Duran Duran. Because I like you. And I don’t want to put you through that 🙂

  10. I totally agree about the Pretty in Pink soundtrack being better then Top Gun. However, I would have to argue that The Lost Boys soundtrack and The Labrynth soundtrack are also both kick ass (for the 80’s).

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