If You Crazy Kids Can’t Make It, What the Hell Chance Do the Rest of Us Stand?

I accidentally watched a couple get engaged, today.


I didn’t understand what I was seeing, at first.  I was in The Bay,

utilizing its warmth as I do most days, due to its perfect positioning on my way from A to B (A and B both being cold).  The Bay doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, anymore.  A fur trading company hundreds of years ago, its evolved into a semi-sad state of wanting to please everyone and pleasing no one.  As a result, they have a furniture department, but it’s fairly half-hearted.  No “Come make a home in this incredibly inviting 90 sq. feet!” like you see at IKEA.  No opulent room recreations like you’d see at a store dedicated to furniture.  No, this is more of a neatly laid out, workman-like display of just the basics.


Which is why none of it made sense, at first.


I’m not the only one who cheats the cold with this little shortcut.  Every day, there are teenagers and ne’er do wells in hoodies and even some of the city’s residentially challenged drifting through this department.  Some are even bold enough to drape themselves over dryers and sectional sofas and box springs, taking a dubiously deserved break.  So the couple on the bed barely caught my eye.  But then she started the squealing.  The “Oh my GOD!”-ing.  And he beamed, so proud that he had pulled off a perfect moment.  And then they hugged.


Her friend was with them.  Right over top of them, actually.


“Lemme SEE it!  Lemme SEE it!”


She took 3 steps back, to take pictures with her cell phone’s camera.


(The friend did not seem to have my issues with having intruded on a private moment.)


And I wanted to be cynical about the whole thing.


But fuck it.


Mazel tov to the both of them.


To all 3 of them.


To anyone who finds giddy happiness in the most unlikely of places.


9 responses to “If You Crazy Kids Can’t Make It, What the Hell Chance Do the Rest of Us Stand?

  1. What a leap of faith it is huh? The ones who make it surprise me as much as the ones who don’t.

  2. A proposal in a department store qualifies as a perfect moment for her?

  3. When it comes from the person you love, any proposal is the perfect moment. The location is unimportant. I’m so glad you were able to suspend the cynicism and feel their happiness!

  4. Here comes the cynicism, if you propose in public you will be divorced in five years, why you ask? cuz you want people around, it puts pressure on her to say yes even if she doens’t want to, at there wedding i’d get them both a gift card for a divorce lawyer.

  5. Love is grand. And they’ve got a 50/50 chance, just like the rest of us. The most appropriate response to a proposal is probably the flip of a coin.

  6. I had a similar experience this year while on a cross-country road trip. We didn’t witness the actual proposal, but we were behind the couple as the bride-to-be called everyone she knew to scream that she got engaged at Graceland. Good for them…first dance to “Love Me Tender” and then a “Blue Hawaii” honeymoon.

  7. Oh hell, give them the chance to fail like the rest of us. But don’t listen to me, a woman on the verge of divorce. I’m a little jaded right now.

  8. People who propose publicly usually have big, showy weddings too. They want the attention of getting engaged/married more than they want the work/journey of marriage.

    Trust me, I’ve been married for 21 years and know everything. Ahem! 😉

  9. I kind of like it that the groom-to-be didn’t come up with some really schlocky way to propose, with rose petals and candles and chilled champagne. I mean, those are nice too, but sometimes something real is what’s best. What could be more real than shopping at the Bay? I somehow doubt that a couple who did it in the Bay are in for a big showy wedding or that their marriage is going to fail. They probably went and bought something afterward and got points on their hbc card. Or maybe they went directly to the wedding registry. How real is that?

    Trust me, I’ve been married for 28 years and know even more than everything. :]

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