Best of the Best

Best Christmas Drink:










Best Christmas Candy:



Best Game My Family Played After Christmas Dinner:


(I still laugh so hard I pee a little, remembering my sister’s definition for “ampersand”.Ā  Weirdest kid ever, but oh holy hell, she was funny.)



Best Christmas Special:


Best Christmas Movie:

Best Christmas Album:

Best Christmas Tradition:


7 responses to “Best of the Best

  1. may have to try that eggnog stuff… i can’t quite let go of the peppermint hot chocolate and french vanilla bailey’s…

  2. You just made my day, every single thing I love about Christmas šŸ™‚ Although, John Denver is neck and neck with the always enjoyable Boney M Christmas Album. Mary’s Boy Child? Brilliant šŸ˜‰

  3. I generally am a lurker on your blog. I think you are a great writer. I wanted to say that you brought back very happy memories with the reference to Balderdash. My dad always made up the funniest definitions. When it was my turn to read everyone’s constributions, I could never keep a straight face with his definitions. My happiest board game-at-Christmas memory is playing Guesstures. During one of my nieces’ turn, she picked up a styrofoam plate and stabbed her finger through it. None of us could figure it out. It turned out to be “snowman”. It took 15 minutes for all of us to settle down after that one. I still laugh out loud when I think about it. Thanks for making me smile so frequently.

  4. I am loving your christmas post. And I don’t even like christmas!

  5. I realize that the humor is often of the “you had to be there” variety with these games, but can’t you at least share what your sister’s definition was, or would that be too distressing for your under garments?

    We’ve had a number of memorable Balderdash incidents, including a goat from the “Swedish Alps” and a misread handwriting that became a “screwdriver through the groin” (instead of through the brain, either would have worked)

  6. Best Christmas movie? Die Hard. Scrooged is decent, don’t get me wrong: but nothing tops Die Hard. And I’ve never been kissed under mistletoe.

  7. Just not an eggnog lover, not even with extra alcohol added. I think it’s a consistency thing.

    And I’m a Christmas Vacation kind of girl. My dad is soooooooooooo Clark Griswold.

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