The Birth of Self Doubt (Or: Get Used to It, Toots, ‘Cuz This is How It Goes)

The Girl’s room, here at my new place, was looking a little bare.


I’m all ABOUT temporary fixes, so off we went, poster-shopping.


She thumbed through the Justin Biebers, ultimately leaving them there.  The princesses didn’t do it for her, either.


And then, she spotted it:


Kittens and fairy wings and just enough pink and oh my god, she had to had to had to have it.


For the first few nights, she’d point out her favorite ones.


For the next few nights, she just sort of glanced at it, before rolling over and snuggling in for the night.


And then, one day, I find her standing in front of it, hand on one hip, and unmistakable sneer of disdain on her cherubic face.


She turns to me.


And she says, in the same tone of voice I’ve used to refer to mixed drinks and tight pants and boys and blue eyeshadow and crimped hair and boys and a variable rate mortgage:





“What was I thinking?”




11 responses to “The Birth of Self Doubt (Or: Get Used to It, Toots, ‘Cuz This is How It Goes)

  1. I think you should check her ID. It sounds like she’s been lying about her age. I didn’t start having realizations like that until I was well into my 20’s. Who am I kidding, late 30’s.

  2. i’m confused is that boys in tight pants wearing blue eyeshadow or are all those things separate? And mixed drinks? what’s wrong with those? i enjoy a White Russian now and then when i’m not drinking Tullamore Dew and singing Pogues songs, well least this time of year anyway.

    once again i’ll respond for you. Duuuude!

  3. That’s excellent. Death, Taxes, and Buyer’s Remorse–those are the things we can be sure of.

    Happy holidailies!

  4. I had that same thought about one of my posters…not the Shaun Cassidy or Ricky Schroeder or Tom Selleck…but Mr. T. Seriously, what was I thinking???

  5. michael.offworld

    Damn, I’m glad you’re back. A little sadder maybe, but I’m OK with that. Life sucks sometimes. The way you write is so appealing. You have this gift that makes everyone (including me) want to be your best friend.

    Kiss midget kittens.

  6. Better she learn this lesson now on a $5 poster (I’m guessing the price, I haven’t bought a poster in…ooooh, *cough*twenty-five*cough* years or so), than later on a $1500 couch.

    Or a lime green room. (That I really should blog about.)

  7. My room was covered horses until I left for college.

  8. Uh… yeah. I hope she manages to spare herself from the ‘Smiley Face Yellow’ paint in the bathroom someday. What was *I* thinking?

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