I Am /drunk (a simulposting)

(Also posted here)

once upon a time, as all good stories begin, there were two princesses with two large bottles glasses of wine. they had been shamelessly neglecting their  blogs for so long that there was atrophy of things we shall not name.

The princesses were enjoying a rather ribald night of confessions (pants were nearly removed), and much laughter ensued.  The fact the ” Moonstruck” happened to appear on basic cable did not hurt anything.

typos are inevitable and expected and boyfriend compares to nic cage favourably.  (who knew?)

Half a block is a loing way to stumble.  (Loing.,  Is that longing for loin?) (This may not be funny in the morning) But the princesses are happy to be united in drunkeness, both real and metaphorical.

Both princesses decided to be3lieve in princes.  Not guardedly, but whoileheartedly.

And to believe in each other, at long last.



17 responses to “I Am /drunk (a simulposting)

  1. Hurray for drunken good fun! Hurray for princesses; and hurray for the two of you!

  2. Yeah, the morning will suck. But who cares . . .

  3. happy drunken blogging! full of hope! nice to see it!

  4. Drunk or not, I miss you.

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  6. My high truly ran out around 5pm.
    Perhaps I was still drunk until then?
    (There will always be more pickled eggplant)
    Love you.

  7. LOVE it! Sounds like you had a much needed good time.
    That makes me smile.

  8. I believe in you whoileheartedly.

  9. i love this!
    i also would like to be drunk. now.

  10. Good to have you back!!

  11. I believe in wine, preferably red.

  12. Oh, you make me laugh. 🙂

  13. So that’s all we had to do to get a new post out of you…get you drunk? Girl, I’ve got a whole wine room…10 gallons of strawberry, 10 gallons of apple, 5 gallons of rhubarb and 5 gallons of plum are currently in various stages of readiness and the Old Man just picked two five-gallon pails full of wild grapes for another batch.

    Next time you neglect your blog I’ll have to find a way to send you a bottle.

  14. “He looked at her loingly” — This WILL catch on!

  15. I’ve missed you and your blog!

  16. My head hurt the next day. Completely and utterly worth it.

  17. I. Love. This.

    Ginny, you need to be a princess every day.

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