Technology is Awesome! (Or: We’ve Veered Into the Ridiculous, Here)

The Scene:  My Living Room

Me, at my laptop, fucking around doing very important, writerly things.

(Distinctive “bing-bong” tone lets me know there’s a new text.)

Walk to the kitchen, clear across the house, where phone is charging.

Text is from sister.  Who is upstairs.  And was directly over my head, when I was comfy with laptop.

“Can you come kill a spider?”

Spider meets an untimely end.  Sister is grateful.

That was kind of ridiculous.  And awesome.


(spider image from here)


21 responses to “Technology is Awesome! (Or: We’ve Veered Into the Ridiculous, Here)

  1. Buy this:

    This is the best thing I Ever bought. Ever. OK so I’m probably lying but it’s really awesome and for an arachnophobe like me, it’s the best thing ever.
    Also, it helps with not having to kill living creatures which, if you are not Buddhist, is not compulsory but you don’t have to believe in karma for it to be true, right 😉

    • My karma is shit. I grew up on a farm. I’ve killed a lot of things. Or been party to killing those things. Incidentally, my first 4-H calf was delicious.

  2. So you’re the spider killer of the family, are you? I don’t kill things. I just want them to die and beg other people to do it. My karma is solid.

  3. Cool looking spider pic you came up with there. 🙂 If it doesn’t already have a name I am going to refer to it as “the happy ass spider”.

    Bunny and I used to be notorious for instant messaging each other from one room to the next room over.

    Peter: Hey babe, can you get me a glass of tea? 🙂

    Bunny: Sure, give me just a sec. 😉

    Peter: Thanks babe. :mrgreen:

    Or some such nonsense. My mom thought we were nuts. 😐

    Even back then though, I pretty sure Bunny would have used the old fashioned method of screaming her head off. 😛

  4. scene: daisyfae (from the USA) at desk in athens hotel room, putting up blog post. la dolce vita (from South Africa) replies to the post from her mobile phone while lying in the bed directly behind daisyfae.

    congratulations. you’re a dork, too! you TOTALLY should be here. we’ll have to work on that….

  5. Um. What’s a 4-H calf? I never could eat the lambs my grandfather would slaughter every year ‘in my honour’ (i.e. when I came to visit them on the farm). He’d take me up to the fields, pick one, and wheel barrow both of us together back down to the village and the house while we bonded. Then the lamb would get killed and roasted slowly over a spit while many people came over and got drunk.

    But anyway, forgot to say, about the technology, Mr Ex and I used to regularly phone/text echother on our cellphones while in the house (it’s too big so shouting doesn’t work from one end to the other). Technology is indeed awesome.

  6. When I was a kid we had one of those Rainbow vacuums, where the dirt all goes into a water tank. I used to love vacuuming up spiders and all other creepy-crawlys knowing they were going to drown in a deafening whirlpool of gunk.

    I don’t even want to know the status of my karma.

    • Oh my god, I forgot about those things! They were disgusting and cool, all at the same time. I never thought to use them to kill things, though. You really took it to a new level…

  7. All I could think of is:

    1. ‘The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!’ – from When a Stranger Calls.

    and 2. I would have texted from the yard. Cause OMG THERE WAS A SPIDER AND IT TOTALLY HAS A FACE ON ITS ARSE!

  8. Last Thanksgiving Husband and I were im-ing on our laptops from kitchen to den about what do with his mother the next day. She was sitting right beside me and had no clue.

  9. Husband calls me from the landline in the bedroom to the one in my study to tell me random crap.

    A whole MONTH without you posting Ginny – we miss you.

  10. LOL text message from upstairs? what happened to good ole fashion yelling?

    Get um!

    I kill them too! Not scared of them but just dont want them crawling on me 🙂

  11. This is why I don’t have a cell phone. Husband would text me with inane crap if I did.

    But then, we don’t get signal here in Podunk, RI anyway. So at least I wouldn’t get a “Will you get me a glass of water” text.

  12. My friend and her computery husband text each other throughout the house all day and I never cease to find it hilarious. It’s usually his requests for coffee, but sometimes there will be a hilarious auto-complete. That’s why in general convo, ‘Ok’ has been replaced with ‘Oooooklahoma City!!!’

    There’s also been a lot of ‘No ducking way!!!!’

  13. Oh, and as for actual spiders, I’m too squeamish to squish them. I go after them with a can of hairspray and a lighter. Karma = minus 1 million points.

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