A’in some Qs

So sometimes, you just want to write, but not really about anything, and you read a post on a blog like, oh, say, Here in Franklin, and you go “THAT’S what I need to write about! ”  So you shamelessly get yourself tagged.  And the author of said blog is nice enough to give you some questions.  And then you write that thing.

1. You have magical powers and can go back in time to the concert of your choice. Who is it?
I have magical powers, and I’ve chosen to use them on a concert?  Weird.  I kind of assumed that if I ever had magical powers, I’d use them to, you know, cure cancer, or invent the ever-growing vodka-bush.  But OK, back to the concert.  I’m going with Elvis Costello, anytime in the 70’s.  I got to see him in February, and while it was all kinds of awesome, it made me even sadder that I never saw him young and angry.

2. You must choose between two candidates to be Ruler of the World. One is a cat. One is a dog. Who do you vote for and why?

You’re kidding, right?  The cat, of course.  Because while I am on record as saying cats are evil, dogs lack focus.  A cat would get shit done.  Of course, it would be in his own damn time, but still.

3. Mountains or beach?

Oddly enough, I find both those options terribly disorienting.  The mountains more, though.  So I’m going with beach.  (But really, if I had to pick one landscape forever, I’d probably go with bald-ass prairie.  Hated it when I was a kid, and there were no other options, but now it calms me down like nothing else.)

(photo from here)

4. Are you interested at all in the local politics where you live, or do you only pay attention in national elections?

I go back and forth on that one.  The same political party has been in power in this province since before I was born, so it feels a little futile to give a damn.

5. You have the opportunity to tell off the person you most despise without any repercussions. Do you? Who is it?

While I have a couple of people in mind….I’m going with a no, I don’t tell them off.  Repercussions or no, it has never, ever made me feel any better to tell someone off.  As soon as I’m done, I’m either regretting it, or kicking myself for not saying more.  Plus?  No one has ever changed their behaviour as a result of being told off.  Not really.

6. Do you have too much stuff or not enough stuff?

Neither.  I think I have the wrong stuff.  Everything I have feels like too much, but there’s so much other stuff I still want.

7.  The house is on fire. What do you grab first (excluding people and pets)?

My phone.  Not now, but a week ago, I would have.  Back when it had all my pictures of my kids and every song I love and the phone numbers of everyone I need.  You know, before IT CRASHED AND SENT ME INTO A DEEP PIT OF DESPAIR.

(image from here)

8. What place in the world would you visit again and again?

9. Do you ALWAYS answer the phone, or just let it ring?

I rarely answer it.  I have control issues.  (If I take your calls, you’re pretty freaking special.)

10. Does your family know about your blog?

Most of them. Does it restrict what gets written about?  Yeah, probably.  My sisters call bullshit when I get something wrong.  Keeps me on track 😉

(Thanks, lady, for the help.)


29 responses to “A’in some Qs

  1. “A cat would get shit done. Of course, it would be in his own damn time, but still.”

    My fave. 😉

    The world is going to hell while President Fido sits in his office licking himself. 😛

  2. i was going to tag you when i get around to doing this… damn. but i love your answers!

    i’ve seen elvis 3 times in the past 5 years, and each show was a different genre. last year? saw him with The Imposters, and got a glimpse of ‘that’… but like you, i ached for cranky li’l elvis.

    he wants me. he just doesn’t know it yet.

    • When I saw him, he did this wonderful, feedback-filled version of “Watching the Detectives”. And you could kind of see that he at least remembered being angry, but it just isn’t who he is, anymore. Bummer.

  3. There is a little gem on the last Fairfield Four CD featuring Elvis Costello called “That Day is Done”. Find it . . .

  4. I found it for you, because I’m like that . . .

  5. I’d be tempted to go back and see something monumental, like the Beatles or Woodstock or Boston, but I generally prefer studio albums over live stuff. Still, I’d have to go with Harry Connick Jr. from his Big Band era, with the full orchestra (early 90’s? Sometime after When Harry Met Sally)

    Regarding the phone: on my iPod, I have to keep a computer directory with all my songs in it (where I add new songs) and then do a Sync to get the music from my computer onto the player. Would you have a sync’d itunes folder on your computer with all that stuff? Or does the nature of the iPhone with its Wifi capabilities render that backup unnecessary?

  6. My mom knows about my blog and is now always telling me things she thinks I should write about. Hmm, didn’t know I suddenly had an editor mother. Now I just tell her, that’s interesting maybe YOU should get a blog. Oh, and she could never figure out how to comment on any of the various posts, including the ones about grandkids but suddenly I write about politics(where she and I disagree heartily) and she figures out how to comment.

    I am the opposite of a geographical savant so at the risk of outing myself, what is the last photo of?

  7. Chris…thanks for asking because I don’t know where that is either. Seems like I’m the only person who chooses mountains. Of course, when I say mountain, I mean the luxury cabin/hot tub/killer view variety.

    • I actually go to the mountains every year with a group of friends, and do the cabin/hot tub/view thing. But I can only do it in very limited doses. Makes me antsy.

  8. Oh…and Ginny–great answers. Thanks for playing along.

  9. I don’t know where that picture is either.

    hereinfranklin, I choose mountains. I spent a lot of time at the beach when I was a child and am mostly indifferent to it.

    Ginny, I love that you say “dogs lack focus”. It’s so true and so perfectly phrased.

  10. Ohhh Vancouver would be my answer too. How I miss her.

  11. I never answer the phone. And I like Vancouver OK, but when I used to frequent the place – in the mid 90s – there were far too many junkies for my taste. Maybe they cleaned it up for the Olympics?

  12. I spent a lot of time nodding as I read this. Cats should of course be world leaders. They’re suspicious, paranoid, and arrogant but they still drop everything to nap on warm laundry whenever possible. I like their priorities.

  13. You know, I adore my dog, but you’re spot on about the cat getting shit done.

  14. If I could go back in time to a concert it would have been the Bon Jovi concert where I screamed like a freaking lunatic and Jon Bon Jovi actually told me to shut the fuck up.

    True story. So embarrassing.

  15. Beastie Boys. 1986. Ish. Back when they were drunken brats.

    And FUCK NO would I put a cat in charge. No way. My dog would be awesome at presidential everything.

    Get shit done my ass.

  16. I so second the Beastie Boys.

    But a dog in charge of shit? It would be sniffin ass all day and breathing down everyone’s neck and doing futile things repetitively. No, put the cat in charge.

  17. We visited Vancouver at the end of an Alaska cruise. Loved it! What a great city!

  18. The only thing I can say about politics right now is that it’s usually exciting in Toronto! But with this current mayoral election? Dude, we’re screwed.

    Also, I totally get you on the phone thing 😛

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