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So you know how you’re reading along in a blog, and all of a sudden, you get to a password protected post, and you’re all like “Oh my god, that is so LAME!  Screw this, I’m outta here!”?

Well, sorry, but I’m doing it.

The next post will be password protected.  It just kind of has to be.  There’s a fair chance I want you to read it, though.  Hit me up by email:  prayingtodarwin@hotmail.com to get said password.

And if it turns out I’m not able to provide you with the password, I hereby promise to instead provide an amusing childhood anecdote.  (Maybe.  If I’m in the mood.  And can remember anything good.  Which I usually can’t.  OK, you might be completely out of luck.  But it never hurts to try, does it?  Unless that try results in rejection.  You know what, I’m just going to stop, now.)


11 responses to “Locked

  1. I have a post in my drafts about password protected posts.

    Just skip over my blog on that day, K?

    Cause I still love ya.

  2. this has my email in it doesn’t it? well if not i’m requesting, please, i thought about doing this on a few posts i haven’t written but i figure not enough people read my shit to bother, that said i may do it in the future… and of course you’d get the password G. 😉

  3. FF says,”I want the truth!”

    PTD says, “You can’t handle the truth!”*

    FF says, “Yes I can!”**

    *Cribbed from movie A Few Good Men
    **Cribbed from Obama campaign slogan

  4. I’m very curious, do you not want your kids to read it? =)

  5. Please..let me in….

  6. knock knock……?

  7. oh, man … about five minutes ago I couldn’t have cared less. but now? now i must know! it’s positively pavlovian. puh-leeze?

  8. Pretty please?

  9. See…. I roll my eyes at password protected posts. But then I want to know what’s in it. But cannot bring myself to ask for the password.

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