Everything’s Amazing and (I’m Gonna Try to Be) Happy

So I’m standing on the playground and I look like hell.

My yoga pants are dusty and there’s a weird orange stain on my t-shirt, and my hair is fighting the elastic holding it into a ponytail.  I’m sore and I’m tired, and I feel like I got about 2/3 of sweet bugger all accomplished at work today.  And I know that I have a good 4, maybe 5 hours of solid work ahead of me, and kids who are going to want stuff, lots of stuff, and I’m not going to get any help.

Then Sheila says “Hi.”

And she smiles an incredible smile.

Adds a “How are you?”

And damned if she doesn’t sound like she means it.

I don’t answer.

Something stops me, shuts my mouth, kicks my brain in the ass.

Because yeah, I’m a mess, and tired, and all that jazz, but damn, the trees are turning green, and my kids are here, and they’re good, and sitting within mere feet of me are at least a half dozen people I like a hell of a lot, and maybe I accomplished not a lot at my job, but I have a job, and it kicks ass, and fuck, sometimes I get real sick of the snark.

And so I answer.

“I’m GOOD!”

Sheila laughs, a little nervously.

“You really hesitated there, I didn’t know what to expect!”

Hey, neither did I, Sheila.


A friend emails me things.  Cool things, not endlessly forwarded jokes or cute puppy pictures, but good stuff.  TED talks she thinks I’ll like.  Links to stuff from the CBC that I am not even nearly intelligent enough to grasp.  And the other day, it was a video clip that had been making the rounds of the internet for over a year, but that I had somehow managed to miss.

I let it sit in the inbox for a few days.  Wanted to wait until I had time to really watch it, properly.

I came home that day and opened it.  I’m glad I saved it.  It was the perfect day for it.

You’re going to have to click here to watch it.

(The fact that I got frustrated over the fact that I couldn’t embed it is the most beautiful irony.  Watch it, or you won’t know what I’m talking about.)

Everything kind of IS amazing.  I’m going to try to be happy about that.


31 responses to “Everything’s Amazing and (I’m Gonna Try to Be) Happy

  1. I love this clip. I should force myself to watch it every day….maybe once an hour. He’s right. Painfully right.

    I admire your restraint with Sheila….I often lack that control and walk away from what should have been a pleasant conversation thinking, “Wow- she didn’t need that. I just became ‘that girl.'”

    • I just felt like if I opened my mouth right away, it would have been a stream of crap. Which would have made nothing better. I’m not sure why I stopped. But I’m so glad I did.

  2. That video is so great! In fact it’s so great I actually watched the whole thing – that’s how great it is.

  3. I’m having one of these days as well, just trying to be happy about what I’ve got. I’m even going around photographing it all.

  4. great clip – and i’ve become one of those people on airplanes who say “whee” when we hit turbulence… ok. the only person on an airplane who does that.

    it’s ok to be grumpy sometimes. whatever it is that gnaws on us sometimes makes us crunchy. you handled this one with tremendous restraint – a lesson i could learn. thanks.

  5. Let’s see if this works . . .

  6. Ginny,

    To embed it in your blog: If you’re using the WP editor, just insert . . .

    “youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk” and replace the quotation marks with brackets. If you ever post a TED talk, just replace “youtube” with “ted id” and, blammo, there ya go.

    And as for the video? Indeed a modern classic.

    Want to try something totally fun? Next time you’re in a crowded elevator, heading up or down several floors, try breaking out in a rousing rendition of Zippity Doo Dah. If you’re sincere, and loud, people will almost always join in. No snark. Just good ole fashioned fun.

    Great post, my friend.

  7. Wait. Just realized that your frustration may have been from the fact that the clip is unavailable for embedding. I’m a little slow today. And that blows.

    Delete all my drivel, before it stinks up your blog . . .

    (This is the story of my life, you realize. I too often try to be helpful, only to fuck things up even worse. Sheesh . . . )

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  9. love him!! that dude cracks me up! you’ll have to watch his newest standup, “chewed up,” i think.

    all we need is a little perspective!!

  10. Brian just made me feel better about today…

  11. Excellent clip and he’s spot on. But did you ever notice that when you’re at the park watching your kids run around and scream and laugh and play that all the shit kind of fades into the void, i sit on the bench and watch the clouds roll by and enter into some strange zen state where i think about nothing but there’s this silly grin on my face, dare i say i’m at peace with the universe or some other hippy shit? all i know is i’m quite happy and content.

    • I am never zen at the park. I am convinced the minute I take my eyes off of them, they will be abducted. Or break a leg. Or both at the same time.

  12. That choice – between the ‘ugh’ stuff, or not – has been coming up a lot for me lately and will continue to do so for at least another couple of months. Sometimes it’s been a relief to unload, sometimes it’s been a relief to just not go there, but focus on the good. But this video? Excellent. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Wow. That video was like a frigidly cold bucket of water interrupting a good night’s sleep…A wake-up call. (if my analogy failed, which they ususally do) I’m sure there’s a slogan/saying my grandmother has for the moral of the clip, but I just can’t remember it right now.

  14. I LOVE LouisCK! I’m with you…I was wondering how he was going to get through a network appearance without his usual raunchy material.

    What a great post, and a great reminder for everyone. Remember the scene from “Knocked Up” where Paul Rudd is describing how his kids love bubbles? He says something like “I wish I loved anything as much as my kids love bubbles.” We all need to do that!

  15. You have the most wonderful knack for extracting profundity from minutiae. Thanks for sharing that gift with us. Love the commentary about how the simple joy of children is such a great reminder. I think Mr. Christ said something about that too … 🙂

  16. the video is great, but what’s even greater is that you’re BACK!

  17. That was pretty good. I make such comments all the time, but with a very serious, angry demeanor. But with this vid I was actually able to —> LOL 😛 Thanks, Ginny. 😉

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