“I used up all my English!”

If you were looking for my words, they’re over at Ask & Ye Shall Receive, today.

(So you can quit looking between the couch cushions for them.  But if you find any change, feel free to share.)

4 responses to ““I used up all my English!”

  1. I’m loving the picture.
    Oh look! I found a nickel beneath it!

  2. you know me Virginia, i’m not one for submitting but what kind of review and advice would you have for ye olde lounge?
    just wondering, did i mention i’m half in the bag from the great Guinness toast?

    • I think you know I am far too close to the subject matter to be objective. 😉 Your writing knocks my socks off (and I’m Canadian, and wear socks 11 months of the year, so that’s not nothing, toots.)

  3. I think I found one of your socks in the couch. It smells like patchouli. I love that!

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