Family – A Play in One Scene

“Oh my god.  This is it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not going to post today.  I’m going to miss a day of Holidailies.”

“Ooooh, that sucks.  Didn’t you miss a day when you did it last year?”

“Nope.  Posted every day.  But I have nothing today.  Na to the da.”

“Just write about your day.”

“What about it?”

“Well, you could write about The Boy, the diarrhea, ….”

“I’m not writing about poop.  I’m just not.”

“Did anything happen that wasn’t poop related?”

“No.  No it didn’t.”



22 responses to “Family – A Play in One Scene

  1. Well done anyway 😉

  2. Brilliant. I would buy a season’s ticket. For real.

  3. Holidailies – quite the accomplishment 🙂 Well done.

  4. i think i’ve written about poop on more than one occasion. it gets the readers… i don’t know why…

  5. Is that you’re way of writing about poop without actually writing about poop.
    And, btw, you know I would have absolutely no problem reading a post about poop.

  6. I found you via Kitschinlogic. Very nice diary! You make me laugh! I will probably stop by another time.

  7. I have nothing to write about. But you’re a winner.

  8. I hate it when my entire day revolved around poop.

  9. I think posts about poop are severely under-rated 😉

  10. Poop should just stay behind closed doors. Unless whole peas are found in it. Then it is blog worthy.

  11. I appreciate your attempt to not write about poop, lol. Hope it is okay, adding you to my blogroll. Love the humor!

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