You Say You Want a Resolution

I’m so not a resolution person.

Publicly stating intentions, for me, is a recipe for failure.

(Kind of like getting someone’s name tattooed on a personal area of your body; you WILL break up with the person.  Even if you were doing just fine before the tat, something about immortalizing the relationship in ink will kill it.  No one knows why.)

So I’m not resolving anything.


I think that next year, on December 31, 2010, I’d like to try to have a nice, shiny, traditional New Years Eve.

One with grown ups and champagne and a pretty dress and a band.

You’ve all told me they’re over-rated, that they’re actually boring, a waste of time and money.

But I’d still like to try.

It’s not that my New Years Eves have been devoid of activity.

As a kid, I made my own confetti, spread it, and cleaned it up, all while my babysitter slept soundly.  As a teenager, I watched a ball drop in a square I didn’t even bother to dream of seeing one day.  As a grown up, I sat at house parties, realizing that it was one in the morning, and everyone had been too drunk to look at the clock.  I ushered in the year Prince promised us we would always party in the manner of (i.e. 1999) by laying on the floor, staring up at a tree suspended from the ceiling, rather than held up by a tree stand, after having made paella for a crowd of people I didn’t know.  I’ve spent New Years Eve pregnant, sad, terrified of the year to come.  And as a parent, I have spent New Years Eve at a family movie, watching my kid punch Steve Martin in the nuts, then coming home to kiss sticky little I-can’t-believe-they’re-still-awake faces at midnight.

So maybe, just maybe, I’ll put on a pretty dress and do it in a way I’ve never done it, next year.

(Someone remind me mid-September to get that ball rolling, won’t you?)

(Image from here.)


19 responses to “You Say You Want a Resolution

  1. Oh please do it and let me know how it goes! I always wanted to get all dressed up super fancy and hit a party with dancing and streamers and balloons! Now we live in the middle of nowhere so it will be awhile. Sounds like a wonderful plan though!

  2. hey…i resemble the remark about the tattoo!! so far, i’ve had my husband’s name on my wrist for a year and a half…so far…so good!!

    i don’t do fancy well…but, i’ll live vicariously through you!

    do it…do it…do it…

  3. haha the tattoo thing – we always tell people at my shop that we’ll do it and we’ll be glad to cover it up when they break up.

  4. This will be my first new years eve that I don’t have to work since I was sixteen. I’m at a loss.

  5. Also, parties are never boring as long as you make them interesting.

  6. Tats. Oh tats. Why am I always wanting more tats? Maybe that should be my resolution – no more tats.
    In the meantime, I am, once again, resolving to make no resolutions.
    PS – Your party sounds wonderful.

  7. i don’t resolve. i dance. i dance and drum and dance some more. yeah, sadly, at 47, i’ve rediscovered the house party… but now, since i’m old and trying to fight madly against aging? i’m doing a 5k run first.

    i’ll be asleep before any balls are dropping…. but a ballroom, with a balloon drop at midnight, a proper band, sparkly people all decked out in black and silver and champagne toast, followed by a night at a decent hotel (hell, even a holiday inn with a pool) and brunch the next day? (sigh) yeah. i get it.

  8. I’ll be in bed by midnight. Just call me Cinders.

  9. I want to welcome the new year with a nice dress too!

    • Aw! Now is when I wish I could wave my magic wand, and say, “And so you SHALL!”. And there’d be a poufy blue gown, hanging off of you in a most becoming manner.

  10. michael.offworld

    Dear Wife and I did a version of this last night. We took a chance and went to the Moose Hall with the kids. The boys ran up and down the hall with a couple dozen other pint-sized maniacs while Dear Wife and I sat, visited, drank a little, and wished the music didn’t suck so we could dance (we didn’t want to be the only ones on the floor.) It was awesome.

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