Obama’s Elf

(Image is christmas aftermath by Rabbit & the Duck)

Well thank god that’s over!

I truly believe Christmas should be just like the Olympics:  once every four years, and quite often on foreign soil.

But until that happens, I just sort of assume a crash position and get through, with varying degrees of success.  This year was no different.  And at the close of the day, I was just happy we were all still alive, and that the police were not called.

Which is why today was such a wonderful surprise.

I woke at the crack of 10:30.  The children had woken much earlier, but were able to feed/amuse themselves, and I got out of bed feeling like a million damn dollars.

We ambled to the diner on the corner for a leisurely and surprisingly chill brunch.

Great friends dropped by, starting their new tradition; the Boxing Day Tour.  They brought the Bailey’s, I just fed them some sugar cookies and cheese to counteract the jitteriness that a day of coffee and Bailey’s had caused.

And then my family abandoned me.

Leaving me blissfully, contentedly alone.

Boxing Day, you’re giving Christmas a run for its money.  You might even be my new favorite.  Just don’t be uppity about it.


11 responses to “Obama’s Elf

  1. oh, the crack of 10:30… i’m hoping to snooze right past it tomorrow. it’ll be my first ‘morning of no need to get up at 8 am” for the weekend!

  2. Okay. That’s it. From this moment on, I will have a boxing day tour. That’s fucking genius.

  3. Now THAT is my kinda day.

    And it would involve not wearing a bra either.

    • You’ve hit precisely on the only downfall of the day – uncomfortable clothing. I didn’t even realize what the problem was until the end of the day, and then I was all, “You could have taken the uncomfortable pants off at any time. ANY. TIME. MORON.”

  4. I’m with Kelley.

    Manny Zear

  5. I’m on board with the Boxing Day tour thingy as long as I get to incorporate what I THOUGHT Boxing Day was when I was 12…a bunch of old men wandering around in public in their boxers. I know, I know, Ginny. But I just want it that way.

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