Merry Christmas, I’m Moving

The presents have all been opened.

The children are cranky, waiting for dinner.

The adults are cranky, cursing early-rising children.

But it was a great day.

Slow-paced, obligation free, just the way I’ve always dreamed and never had the guts to demand, until this year.

The Girl has baked herself into an Easy Bake coma.  The Boy has killed most of his cerebral cortex with relentless playing of video games.

And The Husband…

Well, he got this book:


(Full disclosure:  when I met him, he was in posession of a pair of “Home of the Whopper” underwear.  Also from his mother.  No, at this time I do not wish to explore the nature of their relationship.)

And what did I get?

Some internet real estate.

The Husband purchased my domain for me.

So, as soon as my lazy ass gets it going, this here blog is moving to  No pesky wordpress in the title anymore.

(If anyone knows anyone who does rockin’ wordpress layouts for cheap or sexual favors, lemme know.)

I have to go eat turkey, now.  Merry Christmas, y’all.


13 responses to “Merry Christmas, I’m Moving

  1. That’s actually a very thoughtful present. (The domain, not the book. I guess the book too, as long as it wasn’t bought in a used book store.)

  2. Yay! The big guy pulled through 🙂

  3. Haha! Love the mum-in-law’s present….. you should see the kind of presents I torture my sons with. and for my daughter-in-law I bought gorgeous sexy undies…. Freud would have a field day with my family 😉

  4. Your own .com? Wow! Movin’ on up, Miss Ginny.
    Apparently movin’ on into family therapy too if the weenie gifts continue. ha ha ha!

  5. I had the very same book in my hands about 2 months back at a shop in the Hague.

    She was not as amused as I was.

    Oh great, I have to update shit now don’t I?

  6. Sa-weet gift there, girl! I could never do it though. I jump ship too often. You’ll see me around your new ranch, soon as you get to settling it.

    And your hubby’s gift from his mom cracks me up. My MIL has been trying to tell my parents the story of the year she wanted a washer and dryer for Christmas and my hubby will not let her. He cuts her off every time, telling her its inappropriate. Mostly he’s embarrassed.

    What is the story?

    FIL got a hold of a couple large appliance boxes and wrapped them. Inside one was a douche bag. Inside the other a towel. A wash-her and dry-her.

    I don’t know why hubby is embarrassed. 😉

  7. Belated reply on this whole thread (catching up with reading today lol) but my husband and I do websites for a living. Would be glad to hook you up with something ridiculously affordable if you’ve not yet found what you’re looking for! Design site is:

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