Yes Santa Claus, There is a Virginia. And She Believes, a Little.

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Have I ever told you that Ginny is actually short for Virginia?

When I was a kid, Virginia seemed like a big, long name, and a neighbour suggested shortening it to Ginny, and it stuck.

There are some tough names to have this time of year.

Holly.  Carol.  Noel.

Virginia has its moments, too.

People who relentlessly remind me that “Yes, there is a Santa Claus.”  Then laugh, like they’re the first person to ever say that to me.  (Wankers.)

(If you’re not sure what the hell I’m talking about, read this explanation of the tale of Virginia and her doubts.)

As a kid, I don’t remember ever believing in Santa Claus.


My parents just never made a big swinging deal out of it, and I was an extremely logical kid.  Who snooped.  And figured it out.

So sometimes it can be hard to buy into the whole ethos.

My blog friend Mark was talking about how necessary, in the face of evil and evil-mongers, it is to remember that people are, essentially, good.

Which at this time of year, when we are supposed to be at our best, and we rarely are, it can be tough to remember.  Or even recognize the good.

But I have.

I saw the good this week, over and over.

I saw it in the homeless woman, who came to my door, hoping to earn money by shovelling my walk.  And the smile never left her face, even as my husband told her we couldn’t pay her, we don’t keep cash in the house.  Then she handed him the mail that the mailwoman had deposited in the snow leading up to my house, rather than the mail slot, giving me the Christmas card from a beloved relative that would have been lost to the elements otherwise.

I saw it in The Girl.  Who used all the wisdom and goodness in her heart to come to me at bedtime last night, unprompted, to tell me that if Santa is out of Easy Bake Ovens (an item she’s been requesting daily for two months), that it would be OK, it wouldn’t matter.

I saw it in the man who stopped traffic in a busy street, ignoring honks and rude gestures, to help a disabled man back up onto his feet, from the icy cross walk where he’d fallen into the path of oncoming cars.  And I saw it in the people who realized what was going on, and quickly banded together to make sure no traffic got through while this rescue effort took place.

The good is there.  We just have to keep looking for it.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


22 responses to “Yes Santa Claus, There is a Virginia. And She Believes, a Little.

  1. First comment! Woo hoo!

    Feeling warm and fuzzy. Now I’m set to get to work preparing for the feast tonight.

    All the best, Ginny.

  2. it’s definitely out there. but not usually on the shelves of stores… merry christmas!

  3. Well said. Just as we shouldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show love, we shouldn’t wait for Christmas to see/show goodness.

    • Word up. I was just thinking that it would be really cool to save up, and instead of donating to charities at Christmas, do it on June 25, exactly half a year later.

  4. Merry Xmas to you and your family Ginny, hope you all have a lovely day

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family Ginny.

  6. Merry x-mas Virginia, pass that along to the kids and that Owen character as well.

  7. Happy seasonally-related holiday to all

  8. My real name is Nova…yeah it’s real hilarious to call me Chevy, Super, Bossa…Nova Scotia. ETCETERA.
    And everyone thinks you haven’t been hearing it your entire life!

  9. My last name is Winters. I live in Wisconsin. I must have brought the snow, the cold, I must love winter.

    ‘Then laugh, like they’re the first person to ever say that to me’, I so know what your saying!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  10. Ah, you made me all teary-eyed, and it’s no longer anywhere remotely near Christmas.

    I am sensitive to the cold, and whenever I happen to mention that I’m feeling chilly almost invariably some dingbat will say, “You’re from Canada, you should be used to the cold!”

  11. My name is Virginia Beach. Sometimes I get introduced as “Virginia Beachthepersonnotheplace.”

    I used to live in Virginia.

    If I had a dime for every time people said something along the lines of “taking a vacation on Virginia Beach” or “your parents must have had a real sense of humor…” I would be a millionaire several times over.

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