“Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last.”

Maybe I’m wired backwards.

But when it gets into late December, and I still haven’t quite found the Christmas spirit, I turn to music.

Not the crap that’s been playing on the easy listening station since December 1.

That stuff leaves me cold.

The only sure way to make it happen is to listen to what is arguably the most depressing Christmas song ever sung, “Fairytale of New York.”

It’s the heartwarming tale of two Irish immigrants, alcoholism, heroin addiction, and incarceration on Christmas Eve.

It’s a Christmas song that involves the words arse, slut and faggot.

It’s beautiful.

And because I love it so much, because it makes me feel like nearly nothing else seasonal does, I just assume everyone else knows it, too.

As I cued it up on YouTube, the husband looks over, says “What are you listening to?”

“‘Fairytale of New York’.  You didn’t recognize it?’

“Never heard it.”

“I….what….you’ve heard it…I mean, it’s…how could you not….Pogues….HOW ARE WE EVEN MARRIED???? ”

So no, not everyone has heard it.

And until everyone has, and loves it as much as I do, I’m going to keep flogging it, mercilessly.

If you’ve never heard it, consider it my gift to you.

And if you have, revel in the awesome, once again.


45 responses to ““Happy Christmas your arse, I pray God it’s our last.”

  1. My absolute favorite Pogues song! I agree that more people need to hear and love this song!

  2. Spread the word, Kelly, spread the word!

  3. I have loved that song since I was no more than a just recently no longer flat-chested 12 year-old. It is sacred and I am somehow shocked that of all people I know it and the O does not… Should I buy a lottery ticket or stock up on canned goods?

    Oh, and thank you. I am just a teeny bit more in the spirit myself.

    • Glad I could pass the reminder on. (Oh, and don’t you just want to go back in time, talk to that 12 year old, tell her to be patient, because she will not BELIEVE how it’ll all turn out?)

  4. “I could have been someone.”

    “Well, so could anyone.”

    Love this song, one of my favorite to sing. Great minds think alike:)

  5. I’ve heard a lot about this tune but never actually taken the time to listen to it, so thanks! Anything with a tin whistle in 6/8 is a winner in my book.

  6. I have to admit, I have the opposite reaction. Of all the Christmas songs, this one just makes my skin crawl! I don’t know why (apart from the hideously slurred words and god-awful tune) but it just makes me see red. I have been known to leave a room if it comes on!
    Give me some Sinatra or Crosby, (hell, even Hanson’s Christmas album!) any day!

  7. me loves the Pogues, i once wanted to start a punk band called Shane MacGowan’s Teeth, at the birth of 2006 i was in a bar with my best friend, an Irishman who lived in London and some other mates from across the pond as well as some drag queens and copious amounts of drugs, Ray the owner/dj played that song at midnight and my friend and his wife sang the whole thing while the rest of the bar chimed in for the chorus, fucking beautiful, of course then next song was Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis and the Limeys and I were singing so loud that the party on the second floor actually came down to see what was going on. ah memories.

  8. did i mention i get misty eyed everytime i hear this song. easily one of the best songs ever written.

  9. Was that Matt Dillon? I’ve never heard the song, and I can’t say it’s my favorite, but… I will pass along. 🙂

  10. It is indeed the season no matter what. Thanks Miss Ginny…I haven’t listened to this forever.

  11. Never ever heard it, but I LOVE it! I thought I saw Matt Dillon too. What is the video from? Did they make it into a movie? I need more details! Thanks for the boost in my drunken Christmas spirit!

  12. So true, it’s not Christmas till I hear this one, and the EZ rock station somehow seems to have missed it this year…

  13. I sang that at karaoke last Friday with a random sixty-year old flaming man with a ponytail and feather earring. But the only line I know by heart is, “You’re a bum, you’re a punk, you’re an old slut on junk.”

  14. Also, have you seen Shane MacGowan’s new teeth? He has new teeth. It’s fairly impressive.

  15. Never heard of The Pogues? This hurts me in my heart place. Listening to Sunnyside of the Street. Fairytale of New York has got to be one of the best songs ever.

  16. What can I say that has not already been said?

    I, too, love this song. I stupidly have not been singing it to the baby while I make Christmas cookies. That much will now change.

    I, too, have not listened to it since my friend was just recently no longer a flat-chested 12 year-old (for history’s sake, I was born full-breasted).

    Thanks for the memories, dear, and a Merry F—kin’ Christmas to you and yours!

  17. i recommend my favorite christmas album: “I am Santa Clause” by Bob Rivers and Twisted Radio. It parodies holiday “classics” and creates hilarious works of art that included phrases:
    walking round in womens underwear
    that christmas cheer smells a lot like beer
    i came upon a roadkill deer
    you’ll always get a big reaction if u grab your balls like michael jackson

  18. HOLY SHIT! my husband and i had THIS EXACT SAME CONVERSATION a few days ago!!!
    i am officially weirded out.
    exactly, ‘how can i be married to you?’ was my response to him having never heard this song.

    just weird.

  19. I LOVE this song! On my Facebook page I have been posting some of my favorite, ‘non-traditional’ Christmas songs, and my husband and I fought over who got to put this one up. I won since he already posted the Ramones “Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight with you)”.

  20. He never heard it?

    Sweet adorable Jesus.

    Tremendous song, regardless of Christmas.

  21. Hi Ginny!

    Both “Praying to Darwin” & “Fairytale of New York” made my day! It’s practically Xmas eve, and your not alone in loving this tune. I looked it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairytale_of_New_York
    to answer many of the questioned asked here for myself.

    This diddy released as a single in 1987, reached #1 in the Irish charts and #2 in the British charts over Christmas. The song has become a festive classic in Ireland and the UK, voted the best Christmas song of all time three years running in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in polls by music channel VH1 UK, despite not achieving Christmas Number One in the UK when released. It was also voted the 27th greatest song never to reach UK#1 in another VH1 poll, and also voted as the 84th greatest song of all time by BBC Radio 2 listeners in their “Sold on Song” top 100 poll.

    That is Matt Dillon, acting as a NYPD patrolman for the music video only. This is not a movie clip.

    My mom also came from some tiny mid Saskatchewan town, so your roots are not too far from my own. I have heard this tune before, but thanx for bringing it to my ears once again Ginny. Merry Christmas all, and may Darwin Bless You! 🙂

    PS: I love the Darwinism fish on the back of cars… the one that grew four legs & feet. 😉

  22. I love this song. This and Ben Folds Five’s ‘Bizarre Christmas Incident’ are tied for my favorite Christmas songs.

  23. How the hell could you grow up anytime in the past 2 decades and not have fallen in love with this song??

    P.S. Have you seen Shane MacGowan’s new teeth? http://img.thesun.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00804/SNF16BIZTEET_280_804639a.jpg

  24. (Doh, just saw someone else already mentioned it… oh, well, it’s still worth another look)

  25. Fairytale is arguably the least depressing Christmas song. And my favourite as well!

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