Taking It Where I Can Get It

I’m having some trouble, this year.

The Christmas/Yule/Solstice spirit is eluding me.

I want to get into it.  But the material, the corporeal, the mundane are dragging me down.

Go there, see this, buy that.  Trudging, obligation, drudgery.

The Boy’s Christmas Concert is tomorrow.  It’s not his first, that was last year.  And it’s not that I wasn’t looking forward to it, but…well…it was just one more fecking thing.

This morning, I took a good look at his hair.  Unruly and thick at the best of times, repeated sweat/toque cycles had rendered it Completely Impossible.  Neither gel nor mom spit were going to tame it.

So not only did I need to ready an outfit for the concert, arrange to get The Girl picked up at daycare in time for the concert, coordinate my in-laws to get to the concert –

now I had to get The Boy a damn haircut for the concert.

We trudge the 3 blocks through the snow.  I break it to the boy after we were in the door that no, this is not a kids’ salon with video games and lollipops.  He grudgingly hoists himself into a chair.  Stares sullenly at the mirror in front of him.  The Girl and I, already overheating, sag into a leather sofa to wait.

And then the hairdresser asks my son, “So, what are you going to be in the concert?”

His eyes light up.  “I’m going to be a Santa!  And only the boys are going to be Santas.  The girls are not being anything, and my mom says that’s not really fair, but I think that’s OK, and my girlfriend, actually, I have 4 girlfriends…”

My son is making small talk with a grown up, for the first time.  Not a member of the family, not one of my friends, not a teacher.  A stranger, really.  And I’m trying not to laugh out loud at this grown up act he’s trying out.  And then The Girl starts singing along to a song on the radio being piped into the salon, and she senses that as a cute little girl in pink sitting in a grown up salon waiting area, she’s attracting some attention, so she really gets into it, and closes her eyes, and tries to hold the high notes.

And I remember, god, I love these little buggers.

For a minute, for 20 minutes, there’s no where else I can be and nothing else I can do and I just have to sit back and revel in these little people, who are the whole reason I give a damn about Christmas.

And so I do.


26 responses to “Taking It Where I Can Get It

  1. all the spirit you need… yay, ginny! mine are in the early 20’s, and it’s still all i need. well, that and a giant fucking poinsettia that is as big as a volkswagen… it was a gift, and for some reason, makes me happy.

  2. I honestly thought, at first, this was going to be a tirade about the commercialism of the season. But now I am smiling at the thought of your little man acting so grown up and imagining The Girl hamming it up for the audience.

    Yup. That is what it is all about.

    (that said please come and take my teenagers cause DAY-UM Santa will be bringing them COAL!)

    • I don’t tirade against the commercialism, mostly. I accept it. If you’re going to celebrate Christmas, to my mind, you either go Jesus or Santa. And we’re not Jesus folk.

      I’m sure those teenagers are just acting out because they don’t know how to express their love, respect, and admiration for you….go with it….

  3. A great thing is that you can do something memorable (doesn’t have to be grandiose- small but cool, funny, loving will do just fine) for them at Christmas and it will actually be memorable. When they get older they will tell you about it- how they remember all that little stuff that made them happy. Who knows, you just might be a pretty darn good parent!

    Rhett Trospect

  4. Christmas spirit should be sold in bottles. Oh, wait, that’s gin, right?

  5. They do make it all tolerable, no?

  6. Kids make it all worthwhile. Some days they are the only thing that keep me going. Thanks for sharing this. Glad everyone is feeling better.

  7. Swah-eeeet! Those 20 minutes. I’m glad you do!

  8. The spirit always hits me when I least expect it. And it seems like it’s always when I make it about somebody else, even for a few minutes.

  9. So, what’s Boy going to get his harem of girlfriends for Christmas?

  10. That’s it. I hate the whole season. Have a tendency to get really depressed around the holidays. But the older boy is starting to ‘get it’ a bit and for him, I’m like frigging Kris Kringle this year. But New Year’s can bite me.

  11. Oh and kudos to your little Cassanova.

    • Um, I wouldn’t go that far. The Grade 1 definition of “girlfriend” can vary wildly. From “We held hands.” to “I don’t know her name, but she has curly hair and she looked at me.”

  12. Yep, this is why we have kids. (aside from making replacement copies)

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