Bret and Jemaine, I Hardly Knew Ye

Just call me Mary.

As in, quite contrary. Because generally, if people like something? Hype it, ad nauseum? I will decide, sight unseen, that I don’t like it.

Remember that charming little indie movie you all went ga ga for, the one about the ship, and the necklace and blah blah blah?

Never saw it.  Never will.

That’s just how I work.

So when I started hearing rumblings about a show called “Flight of the Conchords“, I assumed the position.  Ignored the good reviews.  Tuned out the cool kids talking about it on the internet.  Plumb ignored the quirky commercials and trailers I saw.  Refused to make room for it in my already ridiculously crowded TV schedule.

But then, one Sunday night…..

there was nothing on.  Repeats as far as the listings would stretch.  And so I watched it.

And was hooked.  Adjectives fail its general awesomeness.  I’m not even gonna try.  I’ll show you a clip.  Without the context of the entire episode, it might not translate.  But whatever:

I wouldn’t even finish the episode sometimes, before I’d be on YouTube, searching for clips of what I’d just seen.  Then waiting for HBO to replay the episode 2 hours later.

I’ve been waiting for the new season to start.

And I found out today, that it won’t.

Generally, in a TV relationship, I’m the one that does the leaving.  A show will bore me (:cough, cough, Heroes:), and I’ll drift off, quietly.  Or a network will get antsy and make the decision for me.

It’s never been the show that quit me first.

I’ve been dumped.  I don’t quite know how to handle it.  I’ll try to handle myself with some dignity.

Or not.



44 responses to “Bret and Jemaine, I Hardly Knew Ye

  1. Argh – totally with you on ‘Heroes’ – they broke my heart via slow and deliberate sabotage of our relationship, sniff!

    Hmmm, dunno bout FotC……New Zealand accents drive me batshit (or should I saw batshut?) , same as South African…

    • I have to disagree, I find the accent endearing. For an hour after the show, The Husband and I would walking around saying “Bret” in our best Kiwi accents, because it was just so damn satisfying.


      • OMG – see what you have done? I bought season 1 on Saturday. HILarious – love it. I too do not often LOL but these guys get me going.

        And I spose I shouldn’t give the kiwi accent too much crap… is not as if anyone outside of Oz/NZ can tell the difference between ours anyway!

  2. I never saw Titanic. Somebody told me that the boat sank, and took all the suspense out of it for me. I hate it when people ruin movies like that.

    I’ve seen clips of Flight of the Conchords, but never knew they had their own HBO show. I’ll have to get back episodes on Netflix.

  3. “the ugly cry”

    Shit that’s funny.

  4. I know I am going to sound like a shill for NBC, but you should come back to Heroes. After what was a MISERABLE season or two, it is back and much, much better. Just call it a rebound fling.

    • Hmmmm. I feel like too much time has elapsed. Like Heroes and I would get back together, but then we wouldn’t be able to make eye contact, and then I’d say something like, “It got weird”, then I’d run away.

  5. Get your hands of Jemaine Ginny. He’s mine I tell you… all mine!!!!

  6. may have to put this on my santa list (from the kids… santa is dead to me, DEAD to me…). if you and nursemyra are both stumpin’ for it? gotta be good for me…

  7. Stress not, this is the right decision from the control tower. Conchords season one: brilliant. Season two: why am I not laughing? How can this seem tired already? This can’t be right. Well, that one episode was pretty good. To the woodshed for more songwriting!

    Buzz Nesthyme

    • I disagree with what borders on vehemence. I laughed out loud at least once per episode in season 2. And you know how people always insist that they LOL? Well I RARELY laugh out loud in real life. But these guys did it for me.

  8. They are fabulously funny. I didn’t know about their own show, but then we don’t have HBO so that wouldn’t matter, anyway.

  9. I don’t know if I can take another premature cancellation after Deadwood and Pushing Daisies. Oh what the hell. I love tv. Netflix, here I come.

  10. Unfortunately TV execs don’t know their asses from holes in the ground. Between Firefly, Dead Like Me, and the near scrapping of Scrubs about eight times, this falls in the no surprise at all caetgory for me. It’s almost as if the better a show is, the shorter lived it will be.

    With shows like How I Met Your Mother surviving for umpteen years one wonders how these people don’t miscategorize their electrical outlets for knife holders and electrocute themselves. They obviously can’t tell shit from shinola, the least the could do is start contributing to the Darwin Awards list.

  11. Titanic was not a good movie. So not good.

    Flight of the Conchords, however, I loved. It was so funny. My friend saw them in concert and said they were awesome. Even if the show won’t be back we can still hope to see them live!

  12. Ginny, I am right there with you! I have never seen the episode, as we don’t have HBO, but I was VERY resistant to friends sending me youtube clips or saying, “Here watch this – I promise it’s funny!!” Then one day I watched a clip (BUSINESS TIME; it freaking rules!!) and I was hooked. Rented the first season on Netflix. The clips of the songs on youtube are priceless but I am still kind of meh on the show.

  13. their robot song in on every playlist i ever make. ever.

  14. i love that show…murray is my fave!

    and ‘business socks’ is a common euphemism in our house!! hilarious!

    reminds me to netflix the most recent season

    • One day, I am going to get myself an ugly T-shirt. And on that ugly t-shirt, I will have printed “Team Building Exercise ’99”. And I will wear it when it’s business time.

  15. I’m like you in that I generally hate things that everyone is so abuzz about because of the mere fact that everyone is about them.

    I never saw Flight of the Conchords. I lie, I saw it once and I just didn’t get it. I’m sort of ashamed of myself that I didn’t get why this show is funny. I mean, what does that say about me?

    I saw Titanic and it was alright. You know what movie I never saw and never will that everyone was talking about? Juno. I can’t even stand that movie. I will never, ever watch it. I saw Twilight but only by accident. And I hated it. I won’t make the same mistake with New Moon.

    • I’m the same way–if something blows up with mega-popularity and consumer commercialism before I even know what it is…immediate turn off and suddenly I am so anti-whatever-it-is that I feel like breaking out the picket line & signs and protesting the fad as though it were an unnecessary war or an affront to civil liberties.

      Much to the sorrow of my friends and in-laws, this is also why, to this day, I will not watch Sponge Bob.

    • @ Gwen I’d tell you to try again, watch it some more, but what’s the point, they’ve left us. Fuckers.

  16. Popular tv shows, movies and bands are like Fords. Millions of people seem to love them, but nobody can really say why, especially in light of how bad they usually suck.

  17. All the best shows get cancelled before they start to suck. Probably for the best…

  18. If you can find it at a video store watch “Freaks and Geeks” (nope, not a freaky porno). Again, another case of the show leaving the girl first but some loves are worth the breakups. This is one of them. Better to have loved and lost…

    • I loved Freaks & Geeks. Some cable network has been replaying it, and I’ve now watched every single episode a minimum of 5 times. And I’d still watch it.

  19. Does anyone remember “My So-Called Life” from about 15 years ago? Loved that show and gone in a season and a half. Less, maybe.

    But I love the Conchords. I love their stalker/fan. I’m sorry they’ve been, what cancelled? Maybe another network could pick them up.


    But I mean, I was the same age as Angela Chase. It was MY life. But I had no Jordan Catalano.

    I’m a Brian Krakow fan, myself.

    Okay, next: Flight of the Conchords is a whole slop of fun, but I’m a bigger fan of their live concerts compared to the show (which is good. Don’t get me wrong. I dig it. But I don’t have cable anymore, so I lose).

    AAAAAAAAND I never saw Titanic. Why? Because it looks dumb. Then people accuse me of being contrary. No, I’m not being contrary, it looks fucking stupid. Ghost? The Notebook? Legends of the Fall? Great Expectations? Man in the Moon? An Officer and a Gentleman?


    I’ve never been one for romantic dramas.

    • I think I’ve always thought of you as a grown-up (well, as much as she was going to grow up) Angela Chase.

      My brother in law bought me Titanic for Christmas one year, because he’d heard my tirade, and thought he was funny. The husband kept threatening to take off the shrink wrap, and tell the brother in law that I watched it. (I think it may have been “misplaced” in a move. Sadly.)

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