Tuesday, Crappy Tuesday

Here are the facts:

1. The Boy is being un-dilligent about finishing his school lunches. It doesn’t matter what we send him – he’s not going to eat it. Healthy, fatty, salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy, whatever, it’ll come back home in his lunchbox. (I can only assume he’s existing on oxygen and potential at this point.) But every now and again, we hit on something he’ll eat. I emptied his still-heavy lunch bag after school today. The contents: a whole wheat bun, an apple (with, it should be noted, a bite out of it), a container of carrots, a granola bar. And two empty yogurt containers.  So at least he’s eating something, right?

2.  The Husband went grocery shopping no more than 3 days ago.  Included in his purchases were two family size tubs of yogurt.  Not just any yogurt.  The kind that makes your intestines do a happy dance.

Both The Husband and I can recall doling out bowls to The Boy over the last 3 days.  Neither of us recall eating any, ourselves.

Both of those tubs are empty, in the recycling bin.

3.  We have one bathroom in this house.  This imposes an intimacy on our family that, while stifling at times, keeps us all apprised of where the others are on the regularity spectrum.  And The Boy, shall we say, is Due.   If you know what I mean.

Tomorrow could be one hell of a day for a certain elementary school teacher.

And maybe an elementary school janitor.

22 responses to “Tuesday, Crappy Tuesday

  1. yogurt. if they eat nothing else, this is good. better than the all cheese phase. well, except for Boy Shit Volcano…. “Stand aside, Cap’n, she’s gonna blow!”

  2. that’s some good shit!!!

  3. LMAO!!!

  4. Poor kid will be about 8lbs lighter tomorrow

  5. Ah, the boy who is due. Also an issue at our house. The relief after delivery!

  6. Just a little personal anecdote from my extended family…

    A daughter was forbidden from eating school lunches because they were giving her indigestion. Apparently, she really likes them, though, so was spending her savings on them (we’re not sure what happened to the bag lunches) and when she ran out, she wiped down tables at the cafeteria for lunches. And, of course, was sick all the time at home. After 2 weeks of working for her lunch, the school finally called the parents, who were shocked at the behavior.

    Personally, I was the weird kid who would trade my desserts for other kids’ vegetables.

    (And I can’t eat yogurt unless I hold my nose. Seriously.)

  7. The boy’s innards, although squeaky clean thanks to millions of probiotics, pose a threat to the environment at this point. I say run, Ginny!

  8. Reason number 5,634 why I will not ever, Ever, EVER teach elementary school.

  9. i can’t eat yoghurts either. i’d spent the whole day sitting on the ‘throne’!!

  10. Yikes, maybe I’d better check where exactly my version of The Boy sits in relation to Your Boy…
    Already loving Holidailies…

    • Maybe the seating arrangement was due for a shake up. If I see you whispering to a certain teacher tomorrow, don’t worry, I won’t be offended. 😉

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