What’s a Quadelle, Anyway?


A little while ago, I interviewed Headless Mom, here on my blog, as part of Neil’s Great Interview Experiment. She’s a cool, multi-dimensional chick, and I was glad to get to know her.


Now, it’s my turn to give up the goods.


Quadelle asked me some questions.  I answered them, mostly (although with language saltier than her blog is accustomed to.  My bad.)  Check out the interview here.


No, seriously, go check it out.  Because I told her things about me that I haven’t ever told you (What can I say?  She knew the secret knock.).


And I gave her one big, gigantic scoop.  Like, I’m going to have to change my “About” page, it’s such a big piece of news.


Off now, with you.  Follow those links.  Expand your (blog) horizons!

12 responses to “What’s a Quadelle, Anyway?

  1. My response (in list form for your reading pleasure)

    1. Congratulations on the big news.

    (I didn’t claim it was going to be a long list)

  2. great interview – and congrats! not surprised about sedaris and simpsons… we share those!

  3. I thought you were going to announce a pregnancy 😉

  4. 1. congrats on the job
    2. wanna read your vagina monologue
    3. will you have a top ten list for the year
    4. can i post my top 10 in your comments section

  5. I’m very happy that you are happy about going back to work!

    Also I remember the post about you going to see the Vagina Monologues. You quite left out the part about some of your writing being included in the show!

    • Oh no, not in the show, just the program. It was a piece I wrote to be released to local papers, about how businesses around town wouldn’t let the organization put up posters to advertise their production of The Vagina Monologues – because the word vagina isn’t “family friendly”. And then the papers wouldn’t use the piece – presumably because it used the word vagina. Gah!!!

  6. Yay on the big decision!

  7. Congrats on the new opportunity Ginny! Hopefully it doesn’t include the sacrificing of small goats…maybe just chickens?

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