These Are the People in Your (Internet-Based) Neighborhood

“I’m meeting people nice people too
I’m meeting people nice people like you
We’re meeting people nice people too
We’re meeting people nice people like you”

-Violent Femmes, “Look Like That”




If you are a regular reader of blogs, do you find that you have a stable of go-to sites, and you rarely deviate from them?

Because that’s what I do.

Every now and again, I like to break out, find new people.

Neil at Citizen of the Month came along with his Great Interview Experiment to shake things up.  He’s matching people, having them interview each other, to broaden our horizons, so to speak.  Go read Neil’s blog, because oh good god he’s funny, and if this whole interview thing sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, sign up, why don’t you?

I interviewed Headless Mom of “The Adventures of the Headless Family” (whom, despite the title, have NOT been in a decapitating accident.  I don’t think.  That wasn’t one of my questions, so maybe it just didn’t come up…).  Here’s what went down:

Why did you start blogging?  What did you know about blogs when you started?

I started blogging in Oct. 2007 after being an active blog-stalker for
6 months or so. Before that I had been and 'email only' computer girl
so I didn't know much. I loved the way women were able to share their
parenting experiences and make friends online. I'm pretty proud of the
fact that I'm completely self-taught. Granted, modern blogging isn't
like the old days of code-your-own, but considering I knew absolutely
nothing when I started, I'm impressed with myself.

Are you “out” as a blogger to your real-life friends/acquaintances, etc.?  What is the difference between blog You and real-life You?

I'm "out" to family and some friends. I started out anonymously but my
daughter found my minimized screen one day-thus my immediate family
found out. Then, not long after, my grandmother died and I wrote an
emotional post about her that I ended up being pretty proud of, and I
copied and pasted it into an email to my father and brother. Little
did I know that the title would contain a hyperlink and my techie
brother would 'find' me. I don't think that there is much difference
between blog-me and real-me, although I am a little guarded since
there are people that I know IRL that read me. I'm pretty careful not
to rant when I know that I would hurt someone's feelings. I also have
to be cautious because some of my husband's co-workers or their wives
read me.

You’ve met a lot of bloggers in real-life.  Without naming names (or, go ahead, name away, your call), were you disappointed by any of them?  Which ones were even better in real-life?

I think that when meeting bloggers in real life you have to make sure
that your expectations are realistic. Even the most 'open and honest'
bloggers only put a portion of themselves out there. Yes, I've been
disappointed but it was because of my own too-high expectations of
what our relationship "should" be. I could name dozens that are better
than I thought they would be. I think that my advice when meeting
other bloggers would be to remember that it's just like meeting
anyone-you chat, find common interests, feel it out for a deeper
connection. Not everyone is going to be best friends even if you adore
their writing. Most bloggers, though, are pretty much exactly as they
portray themselves.

Have you ever had a clear, crystallized defining moment?  If so, care to share?

I wish that I could say yes but I honestly don't think so. I'm the sum
of many small but significant moments. I think that becoming a
Christian in my teens could have been the 'one moment', but it took
about 15 years for that relationship to be significant and defining.
Not quite a crystallized moment in the sense that you're asking,

I know it’s kind of impossible to go there, but let’s say you’d never met your husband, never had kids.  What would you be doing right now?

My life would be radically different. I think I would have continued
to have a career in training/development/traveling. I don't know that
it would have been in the same industry that I left when I quit
working, but that was the path that I would have stayed on. I enjoyed
professional development. I would certainly not be in Southern
California, seeing that this is one of my least favorite places in the
country, second, maybe, only to Florida.

You’re on a desert island:  one book, one CD, one food.

The bible, Jimmy Buffet 'Floridays', and chips and queso.

What would you say is your biggest vice?  Your best virtue?

Vice? Smoking, which I've never talked about on my blog. Virtue? I
think that I'm a pretty helpful and supportive person when those
around me need it.



So there you have it.  Headless Mom:
1. Has realistic expectations about meeting people
2.  Gives mad props to Jesus, and
3.  Would (probably) let me bum a smoke.  

I can dig it.

Plus?  The bit about smoking being her vice?  Totally put this song in my head.  Enjoy!

19 responses to “These Are the People in Your (Internet-Based) Neighborhood

  1. love it… and like the idea of pushing outside the blog-reading bubble sometimes!

  2. That’s cool. Maybe I’ll sign up for Neil’s experiment! My blog bubble keeps shrinking. Too many people quitting on me.

  3. I’m a new reader, but here’s my link if you want to check mine out.

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  5. I’d totally let you bum a smoke.

    Thanks! This was fun!

  6. I think I’m too new to blogging to be worth interviewing.. or reading. Ive got a whopping two posts up. And the first was, shall we say, crap.

    • You’re wrong, Woodchuck. The point of the exercise is that EVERYONE is worth interviewing. (And I have personally pressed “Publish” on way more than my fair share of crap. Worry not.)

  7. I’d love to interview/be interviewed! You asked the perfect questions. I’m like you – I tend to stick with the blogs that I know. I hardly have time to read and comment on my favorites, let alone try to find new blogs!

    • Yeah, well, if I was trying to grow a couple of humans INSIDE MY BODY, I wouldn’t be running around finding new sites either! (You know, you don’t use that excuse nearly enough. You could be milking this thing.)

  8. The fact that you tied this to Abba…LOVE!! Can’t wait to read all the rest of the interviews!

  9. another soulmate who wants to leave California like I do.

  10. Very nice interview! I love the G.I.E. for it allows me to discover more and more bloggers each time. Thanks!

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