Terms That Are Instantly Negated When Applied to Oneself: A List











“One Hot Mama”




















29 responses to “Terms That Are Instantly Negated When Applied to Oneself: A List

  1. I sense hesitancy in my audience when I describe myself as “god’s gift to the ladies.”

    Hugh Jorgasm

  2. Ummm I don’t have any more, but I’ll have you know I can use at least 7 of these words (including the ones in the comments) to describe myself. Oh wait, I have one. Easy-going. Yep, I’m that too:)

    • Are you counting magically delicious as one word or two?

      Also, easy going? The woman who announced to my then one year old son that he’d better behave because “Auntie Pam runs a tight ship”????

      • Someone needed to reel that kid in…does this post mean that you’re going to stop referring to yourself as one hip, hot-mama?

  3. MILF doesn’t really apply to me…maybe FILF

  4. Bitchen.

    One cannot self-declare bitchen.

  5. … going to edit my blogger profile now…

  6. awesome


    RE: MILF… i have an old friend who refers to me as her ‘milhow’ – ‘mother i like to hang out with’. Similar… but different.

  7. “Not a gossip.”

  8. Not passive-aggressive.

  9. Sexy

  10. “I hate drama” = drama queen.

  11. mute

  12. randomly found your blog. I love it.
    thought I would nominate “nice” for the list

    as in “I’m one of those nice guys women always say doesn’t exist”

    I have learned from helping too many friends through too many bad breakups, self proclaimed “nice guys” almost always turn out to be assholes

    that said, I’m not a “nice guy”

  13. My favourite is always “I don’t care what people think about me.”

    Then why would people need to know that about you?

    It’s not funny because it’s so transparent, though. It’s funny because they actually seem to believe it.

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