It is pissing rain, this morning. 


Lake Ginny is forming out front.


I’m not in a wonderful mood.


I’m driving to Saskatchewan today.


With both kids.


Three hours, more like four and a half with stops for slurpees and peeing and general shenanigans.


Just me and the kids.


All day.


In a car.


I let the satellite radio subscription lapse.


That was stupid.


20 responses to “Self-Pity

  1. ipod…for your ears

    duct tape…for their mouths

    benadryl…for them

    vodka…for you, upon arrival

    and pedal to the metal, no lookin’ back…not even in the backseat!!

    good luck…you’ll need it!

  2. I feel for you. I really do. That’s just inhumane.

  3. Yes I feel sorry for you but in the Queen for the day competition I think I win. Today we are having new carpet put in and I am cordoned in one room with two cats bent on escape, a nine year old boy who will not for the love of god stop talking and a almost 2 year old who is very interested in the carpet layers tools. On top of that, though we are in the one room they will do last, they already took our door off so I am doing double duty as door guard/entertainment committee. And lest you think I am looking the gift of new carpet in the horse mouth or however the adage goes, we are getting new carpet because my elderly cat/new dog/drippy sippy cup bebe have made such a mess out of it, it is becoming toxic. So just know that today, we are proverbial sisters and as I try not to explode and say aloud the unkind thoughts that dance across my tongue, I will wish for you super duper extra patience and good radio music.

  4. Are we there yet?

  5. I’m with you in suffering.

  6. I don’t really care. But I do like the wee house across the street. How very quaint.

  7. mongoliangirl

    Well thank you Jesus Harold for XBox. Seriously, I was going to feel all sorry for you and the kids, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how much I like that cute little fence around your front yard.
    Yeah, no help here at all.

  8. mongoliangirl

    Hey…I’ve got that site ready and would love for you to look at it. Alas, I cannot find your email address. Please email me at
    I’ll send you the link.

  9. I hope you made it safe and sound and are now indulging in the adult beverage of your choice. Or, at least a Slurpee.

  10. Benadryl in the slurpee. Yours, not theirs. LOL.

  11. lol at Beej – that was classic.

    Good luck with it all. That is why Santa Clause brought my child a Nintendo DS – for such predicaments. That was two years ago, this past year he brought her a (knock-off) Ipod.

  12. children and car rides simply don’t mix. my deepest sympathies – i once was suckered into driving a suburban loaded down with six 12-year old girls up and down highway 1 for 7 days. maybe they’ll sleep the whole way?

  13. i wish i could find the lyrics to the song in my head… something about “someone come and rescue us, we’re in saskatchewan!”

    good luck and god speed!

  14. I have to go to the bathroom!

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Good luck, young padewan.

  15. Driving to Saskatchewan was enough to get sympathy from me.

  16. I hope you had a good time, anyway.

  17. Have you tried the chocolate covered coffee bean? Obviously I speak without firsthand experience, but I’ve heard that masses of candy followed by a relatively tolerable half hour of madness results in a sugar crash nap sure to get you at least 3/4 of the way there before they wake up and ask for happy meals and whathaveyou. Of course, there’s a reason I’m often not in charge…

  18. “I’m driving to Saskatchewan today”

    I assumed that Saskatchewan, much like Purgatory, was more an absence of place, than somewhere you could go. I’m going to have to change my maps.

  19. Nikki: My ears had to settle for “Classic RAWK!”. Apparently, the program director at the station and I differ on the definition of “classic”.

    Mwa: I don’t deserve your pity. I will, however, accept it.

    formerlyfun: You’ll be happy to know that your day DID make me buck up and stop being such a girl. So your suffering was not in vain.

    Chris & nursemyra: Surprisingly, that was only asked once. And when the answer was in the negative, the asker merely said, “OK.”

    blue: “I’m with you in suffering.” That sounds vaguely Catholic. Like I should reply, “And also with you.”

    Xbox: It is cute, isn’t it, you self-centered breeder?

    mongoliangirl: You say cute, the neighbors say dilapitated, whatever.

    hereinfranklin: I combined the two, into a root beer and merlot slush. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

    Beej: No, Saskatchewan itself is a mighty, mighty sedative.

    vinomom: So far, we’ve rolled without DSs. But I know my time is nigh.

    daisymae: Six 12 year olds? Was it community service?

    Thalassa: There was no rescue. But there was beer.

    Captain: The kids LOVE travelling with my husband, the smoker. Because then pitstops are guaranteed. But with me, it’s a srtingent no drinks for the first half of the trip policy. No drinks, no pee stops. Never actually works, but it gives me the illusion of control.

    A Free Man: Thanks, dude.

    Gwen: No. No I did not. But I didn’t hurt anyone, physically, so that has to be considered a success.

    Em: Hmm, I think you’re onto something. I’m actually kind of curious to see if that would work. Maybe the next time Owen takes them by himself…

    AJ: Living in relatively close proximity to the center of the universe (i.e. Toronto) can, indeed, impair one’s sense of geography (Geography – The Seventh Sense). But I assure you, it is, indeed, a place. A place where if you ever wondered what it was really, really like to live in the 1970’s, you can go for the complete experience. But a place, nevertheless.

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