I Love Him, I Love Him Not


This little girl is thinking:


A)  I have the smartest, handsomest, best big brother in the whole world!


B)  Wow!  That kid sure has a way with the cotton candy!  Hope I can wield a stick of floss that well when I get older!


C)  Yeah, you think you’re so fricking cool with your big ‘ol puff of candy, while Mom told the woman “No, just a little one for the girl.”  Go ahead, show off.  Gloat about your diabetes on a stick, leave me with this toddler size joke-of-a-treat.  Enjoy your sugar rush, Skippy, and sleep with one eye open tonight.


18 responses to “I Love Him, I Love Him Not

  1. And theeeennn…I thought he better sleep with one eye open.

  2. I’m going for “A”

  3. having been the little sister… i’m going with C. definitely C.

  4. oh yeah…def C!!!

    cuz that’s what i was thinking, too…..

  5. That picture is classic.

  6. Oh, I was going to for A. Because I don’t really like cotton candy, so I’m going to assume that girl child is on the same page as me.

  7. Also, I am brother-less.

  8. Ginny, you forgot the rest of the story.

    Two seconds after the shot was taken, girl shoved sticky candy cane into boy’s hair. boy had to be shaven to get it all out.

  9. oops, not cancy cane. I have the wrong season.

  10. Gah! What the hell is wrong with me? I am not drunk, I promise!

  11. Beej – are you saying the little girls name is Miss Candy Cane?

  12. Did she punch him after this shot was taken? Because I’m guessing number 3.

  13. Going with C, no question.

  14. She looks pretty happy to have cotton candy at all. In my house, our 5 year old probably would have said “that’s not fair” and we’d have to explain to her, again, that life isn’t fair and she had better get used to it now, you know, at like five, never to early to learn the harsh inequities that go with being a woman ya know?

  15. Hmm, I think it’s a combination of all three. Or maybe D. Moooooooooom! Why does he get more? You love him best!

  16. michael.offworld

    Awesome little ones!

  17. I would think D: “Planning for grab-and-run in t minus 5…4…3…”

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