(Insert your name here) esque.

It started with a beetle.


(photo from here)


The kids yelled at me to come look in the bathroom sink. 


This beetle had come out of the drain.  My son repeatedly flushed him down with a swirl of tap water.  And the beetle repeatedly made his way back out.  His escapes from the sewer became progressively faster.  Clearly, this was not an ordinary bug we were dealing with.  He thrived on adversity.


Tough bugs always put me in a Kafka, a la “The Metamorphosis” frame of mind.  Any bug that can figure out what a human is doing, strip through the layers of absurdity, clearly that bug was human at some point.

(Suffice it to say, I dispatched with the bug, indulging in my inner 10 year old boy, dousing it with hand soap, shaving cream, and air freshener.  I don’t think it came back.  Of course, if it did, I’ll only find out late one night when it’s too late.)


I’m re-telling the story later, and I describe the bug, the whole situation, as “Kafkaesque”.  And then (as it usually does) my train of thought jumps the tracks.  Can you imagine writing a piece, or in a style, that is so unique, so influential, that an entirely new word is made up, in order to attribute it to you?


I let my mind go to the conceited place, and wondered what my mark on the worldof literature could possibly be.  Keeping in mind, of course, that since I’ll never be famous, it would have to be something pretty obscure.


What will be Ginnyesque? 


Descriptions of breakfast food in semi-pornographic shapes? 



Any thoughts?


And hey, while we’re at it, what’s your mark going to be?

17 responses to “(Insert your name here) esque.

  1. daisyfaesque will involve a tube top, tight jeans with spiked heels and using a can of hairspray as a flamethrower…

    ginnesque? funny as hell… with pornographic pancakes on the side…

  2. I think Ginneyesque is short paragraphs, keeping the reader involved moving cleanly and effortlessly to the next stop. Eminently readable. You’ve definitely got a style, and I’ve started to try and incorporate a Ginneyesque style in some of my posts.

  3. Can I just second cdv1971? Because that was the best description ever!
    As for my style, it has always been “That’s a fae thing to do” as quoted by many of my friends throughout the years.

  4. For me, to be Ginnyesque is to notice the little things, and then share them in a humorous way, layered with wit and candor.

    Put that on your resume . . .

    Brianesque is so random that crafting an accurate description would be nigh impossible!

  5. She writes with a certain “ginny se qua” that clearly comes from growing up amid the sophistication and complexity of the Canadian heartland ethos. And she is not afraid to cuss if she has to.

    Edward R. Burro

  6. Well the words ‘sarcastic’ and ‘accidentally quirky’ and ‘neurotic to the point of frequent micro-collapses’ already exist, so I’m really not sure what could ever be described as ‘Emeraldesque’.

    Holy crap, wait, look at that! That’s a romance novel name, isn’t it? It looks like one. I just noticed that now. Huh. “Emeraldesque.” That’s pretty cool.

    And sorry, I can’t top “ginny se qua” 😛 That’s pretty rad.

  7. Some of your other commenters hit the nail on the head…Ginnyesque is short but powerful paragraphs, sometimes containing only one sentence or one word. Ginnyesque is capturing an ordinary moment and spinning it into something poignant and beautiful and meaningful. I aspire to be like you sometimes, though I know that I never really could. If you see me imitating your style, just remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    What is Gwenesque? Here are some adjectives I would use to describe my own writing: whiny, bitchy, angry, bitter with splashes of inappropriate humor. Also, badly in need of an edit.

  8. I can’t quite put my finger on what is Ginnyesque. It just is.

    My friends call my little sayings “Beejisms.”

    A few Beejisms include:

    When eating or drinking something delicious, “You have got to taste this, it’s a party in your mouth.”


    “You can’t have everything. I mean, where would you put it?”

  9. fuzzarelly: See, fuzzyesque just makes me think of this:

    daisyfae: I completely agree. Should that situation ever arise, I will tell anyone who will listen that it is, indeed, daisyfae-esque.

    Chris: You are far too kind. Seriously.

    faemom: But what IS it that’s faeesque?

    Brian: I was going to take a crack at Brianesque. It’s hard. Insight into family, the POV of a loving, smart as hell father, plus eyebrows. 😉

    Mark: You get me. You really, really get me.

    Em: It’s either a romance novel, or a perfume. For you, I’m going with sarcasm, dripping with common sense.

    Gwen: Again, you are too fragging kind. Your trademark bit, to me, will be the good JW gone bad/secular. Your most vibrant stuff comes from that place.

    Beej: Also, if I ever read about someone redoing a boat, with their own two hands, I will say they’ve veered into “Beej territory.”

  10. You have a rare, simple poise, which is heightened so much more by the fact that you are one cheeky bastard. Cheeky, cheeky, cheeky, BAM! Eloquence. And then we just sit here thinking, “Why can’t I pull that off? She is decidedly Ginnyesque.”

  11. Rasslesque would be something like, “Bogarts nouns like adjectives and often over-references other things without expansion in frustrating ways that the Overlords did not intend. Speaking of Overlords, she talks about stupid shit. Like the Overlords.”

  12. Ginneyesqueness is like porn – “I know it when i see it”.

    Bluesesque…oh geez. Can people really be allowed to define their own esqueness??

  13. Awww, Ginny! Beej Territory? *blush*

  14. Food porn? How did I miss that?

  15. the furry convention was just in pittsburgh again, third year in a row, they love it here and boy do we love them, the free weekly ran a 10 page article on them last year so that the common man would know they are not all sex fiends and mostly just like to pretend they’re animals or spirits of animals… they also included the furry survival guide which was something like 361, meaning 3 meals, six hours of sleep and at least one shower per day.
    and someday konoesque, konolike, koniferous will be in the dictionary, not cuz of the blog but because of the strange wee ramblings scribbled out in the wee hours of the day/night… gotta be a little confident to write i thinks.

  16. greenduckiesgirl

    I just discovered you today and find that Ginnyesque is hilarious and brilliant and makes me laugh and think and wonder why the heck I can’t write like this?

    greenduckiesgirlesque is impossible to describe but probably features the word insanity heavily.

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