My Home and Native Land

July 1 is Canada Day.


I love this country.  I feel lucky damn near every day, that I get to live here. 


I can relate to Canada.  As a nation, it doesn’t really know who it is.  If you ask a Canadian what it means to be  Canadian, one of the most common answers you’ll get is, “Well, we’re NOT Americans.”  But that’s as much as we can tell you.  We’ve only been around since 1867.  We didn’t do anything spectacular to come into being.  No war was fought for our sovereignty; we just asked the Queen of England, politlely, if we could please do our own thing.  (She said yes.)


On the world stage, if America is a brash teenager, then Canada is your awkward tween cousin, who doesn’t know where to put her hands while she’s dancing.


But I love this country.  I don’t even have the right words to tell you why.  So I’ll just show you:



(My undying respect and admiration to anyone who can tell me what’s going on in all 24 pictures.)


Plus, Canada has some really, really, really lovely bloggers.  Check them out.


Happy Canada Day, everyone.


27 responses to “My Home and Native Land

  1. no picture of leonard cohen or joni mitchell?

  2. No Micheal J Fox?

    Oh Canada, oh Canada, hmmm hmmm hmmm.

    Happy Canada Day, hope you have loads of beer and fireworks and fun in the sun.

  3. All the people are smiling, for the most part, and there is entertainment aplenty?

    Am I close?

    I had a prof from Canada who always tried to encourage us to move there upon graduation. I think he got a stipend from the Canucks . . .

    Happy day!

  4. I was going to ask the same thing: no Leonard Cohen? (I’m going to see him live on Saturday – yay!)

  5. mongoliangirl

    I don’t know what’s going on in all 24 photos, but I do know WILLIAM SHATNER!?!? WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER IS CANADIAN!?!? Can I just move in with you?

  6. “if America is a brash teenager, then Canada is your awkward tween cousin, who doesn’t know where to put her hands while she’s dancing.” love this

    My two favorite things Canadian off the top of my head:

    1- maple syrup, real maple syrup not the corn syrup “maple flavoured” variety which is just wrong. I mean the liquidy, slightly resiny tasting tasty bit of breakfasty goodness. It is about $20 bucks here for a standard size container compared to $3 bucks for the crappy fakersyrup but it’s a must have.

    2- and even more important…Kids in the Hall. “I’m crushing your head” and the chicken lady sketch are forever burned in my brain. They in part shaped my comic sensibility. And a shout out to Canadian-born, Lorne Michaels for his part in both Kids and SNL.

    Happy Canadian Day.


    I’m going to Toronto when the next movie comes out, because they won’t release it here.

    Damn, I wish you were closer. Fucking Canada. All that land.

  8. Tragically Hip.

    That’s all I got.

    Oh and seriously, Loonies and Toonies? I love that! Except I always think I’m being short-changed. The only places I’ve visited in Canada were Vancouver and Salt Spring Islands and Windsor. but does Windsor count? Did I even spell it correctly?

  9. An almost naked man on a bike pretended to be Scottish and chatted to me once down by the lake in Toronto.

    I already know I love Canada.

  10. @curtisincalgary

    Left to Right
    Row 1
    Paul Henderson’s winning goal in the 1972 Summit series against Russia
    Anne Murray
    Molson Canadian Beer Bottle Cap
    Lake Louise
    Trailer Park Boys
    Tommy Douglas

    Row 2
    Margaret Atwood
    I don’t know (it should be RUSH, but glad it’s not Nickelback)
    CBC Logo circa 1970’s
    SK Roughie holding Grey Cup (2007)
    Douglas Coupland
    Friendly Giant with Gerome and Rusty

    Row 3
    George Strombolopolous
    Portage and Main in Winnipeg? (geographical center of Canada)
    Mr. Dressup with original Casey and Finnigan
    Laura Secord
    Rick Mercer

    Row 4
    Legalized Gay Marriage (two women)
    W.F.S. (See
    Stompin’ Tom Connors
    Tragically Hip
    Ottawa River between Ottawa and Gatineau?
    Trivia Pursuit game piece (original edition)

  11. What? No Rush? (I am back on a Rush kick after not listening to them since I was a teenager.)

    When my mom first came to the US from Poland, her boat dropped her off in Canada. Many of my relatives came to the US via Montreal. None stayed in Canada, however. My mom was bound for Bristol, Pennsylvania at the time, but told me her story of landing in Montreal in October 1961.

    After living in the Northeast section of the US all my life, I am ashamed I haven’t been to Canada since I was 8. It’s moving up my list, however.

  12. michael.offworld

    Yeah, we rock…

  13. So many Simpson lines are running through my head right now, and I just can’t pick one.
    Hope you had a great day!

  14. Happy Canada Day Miss.

  15. Happy Canada Day. I think your analogy is off. If America is a brash teenager, Canada is the responsible grown-up neighbor. How’s that?

    As you may or may not know, my family is Canadian. If my parents had stayed there, I may not have moved to the other side of the world looking for something that I could have found across the northern border.

    Barring the weather.

  16. I love SC TV and BC. Whenever I am embarassed by American politics, world stances and general jingoism, which has been all too often in my life, I dream of being welcomed into the reasonable land just a bit to the north, where I think I would fit in much better.

    John Canaday

  17. nursemyra: Not a huge Joni Mitchell fan, but clearly, I fucked up and forgot Cohen. Consider me chastened.

    Kitty: There were, indeed, fireworks. Biggest display in Canada. The baby girl was mildly terrified: “They coming right AT me!!!” It was awesome.

    tysdaddy: They’re all smiling because the minus 40 windchill froze their faces in those expressions.

    Mwa: Color me jealous! Hope it was great.

    mongoliangirl: well, duh, you can so move in. But I gotta warn you, no Shatner sightings.

    formerlyfun: Kids in The Hall. Clearly, I was too tired when I was doing this list, because yeah, they’d make it on there.

    Rassles: I curse the width and depth of this country that separates us.

    Mark: That’s a compelling story, and you tell it well 😉

    mtn lover: Windsor barely counts, but you did spell it correctly. And I get all gooey over Americans who know The Hip.

    XBox: When you move here, you’ll be Prime Minister within 8 months. (That’s a conservative estimate.)

    Curtis: 19 out of 24.

    I don’t know (it should be RUSH, but glad it’s not Nickelback): That’s Billy Talent. They are what is currently making me proud of CanCon.
    Portage and Main in Winnipeg? (geographical center of Canada): Nope. Old Montreal.
    Laura Secord: While Laura makes a fine chocolate, nope, that’s Nellie McClung, one of the 5 women who got us broads the vote.
    Ottawa River between Ottawa and Gatineau?: Actually, a shot of Granville Island in Vancouver.

    But well-done, sir. Well-done.

    Beej: I just can’t love Rush. I want to, I really do, but I can’t.

    michael: Careful. Don’t want anyone to think we’re conceited… 😉

    faemom: Marge Simpson: “It’s so clean and bland. I’m home!”

    max: And a happy 4th to you!

    cdv: I think those Canadian roots are why I found myself drawn to you…we can sense one another. We all emit a faint scent of hockey tape and Tim Horton’s coffee. It’s subtle, but it’s there.

    Mark Trail: John fraggin’ Candy. Again, big miss on my part.

  18. Curtis: I meant 20 out of 24. My bad.

    (in completely unrelated news, I just found a picture from LTCS, like 1990 or 91, and you and I are wearing the same Aerosmith concert shirt. Man, we were cool.)

  19. Is it weird that Alexisonfire fills me with Canadian pride? Why aren’t they here? 😛

    But seriously, this has been a big year for me as a Canadian. Dating an American really gives you perspective.

    Also, I kind of think Nellie McClung is the best name ever. It just has such a hardcore ring to it. Nellie McClung! You don’t mess with someone named Nellie McClung.

  20. @curtisincalgary

    That would have to be 1990, the year I was camp staff. You should either send that to me, or throw it on facebook and tag me. Some people still don’t believe that I once had hair.

  21. Awesome list! I’d have to add Kids in the Hall, maple syrup, and fiddleheads!

  22. Curtis: If/when I get my crap together, I certainly will.

    furrychoclates: Of course. Also, I can’t believe I forgot Canadian Tire Money. (There’s a liquor store here, conveniently nestled between 2 adult video stores, that takes Canadian Tire Money at par.)

  23. I love Canada. I don’t even need to go there to know it.

  24. But actually, I would love to go there.

  25. Happy Belated Canada day, dude!

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